Monday, 19 November 2012

Week 2: losing weight but gaining germs

I've had to write this blog post, since I'm going insane sleeping, watching daytime TV and resting up. I'm also going crazy with this flipping cough!

Every time I get slightly hot or sit a certain way I cough, non-stop. To make matters worse my voice is still gone, just when I think it's coming back I start to croak and wheeze my words out.

This has led me to getting stressed on two levels - I was due to have clients in at work today for training and of course after yesterday's break I was planning on getting back in the gym after work. Obviously not being able to stop coughing, nor able to speak, both options had to be cancelled.

As a result I'm sat at home feeling sorry for myself and panicking about work.

However, it's not all bad. Ill or not I knew Monday meant weigh in day, so I stepped on the scales first thing before crawling back under my duvet to cough my guts up!

An amazing sight appeared before my eyes, after my first week on my healthy eating and diet I have managed to lose five pounds. I'm so so pleased. This result has made me even more determined to get myself back in shape.

I'm a person who likes to see results and it feels great to have worked so hard last week and achieve such a strong weight loss.

This has also made me so annoyed to be unwell as I don't want to go off track at all. I want to carry on exercising and eating healthily. I'm not silly obviously I won't achieve this sort of number every week, but it is a welcome start.

Last week I managed to achieve nearly four and a half hours of exercise - completing four sets of 5k at the gym and two sets of spinning, attending the gym six days in a row. I also stuck to my healthier diet for all seven days too.

Now I'm keeping everything crossed that this stupid cough and these germs disappear asap so I can get back to work, back in the gym and try hard to lose some more weight for next week!

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