Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bookworm: Love...And Sleepless Nights by Nick Spalding

The second in this series of the fictional lives of Jamie and Laura focusses on the newly married couple and the fact they're going to have a baby.

Spalding's work is described as 'lad lit' and admittedly a lot of the content you can tell comes from a man's point of view. Sensitive souls shouldn't bother.

In between reading this story I read a book written by Spalding and talking about himself and again it made me laugh (although not as much as his fictional offering). I'm pleased to say on reading the second in this fictional series I was yet again giggling childishly like a schoolkid at the descriptions, situations and choice of words.

At times there are more tender moments, which help to balance things out. Admittedly it's the embarrassing situations (such as their child's favourite word!) which are the gems though.

Again I fell in love with the main characters and enjoyed the storytelling from both sides via their blog and diary.

This time not only are there relationship dramas, but pregnancy, birth and parenthood calamities to go through. All told with a big dollop of humour of course!

Good bits
Loveable characters
Funny stories that make you laugh out loud
Nice mix this time of more serious, sensitive and heartwarming items too

Not so great
Some parts are a tad far fetched
Some points are very much from the point of a 'lad' and not entirely believable of a woman

As you can probably tell yet again I found this an enjoyable light hearted read and look forward to reading the third instalment!

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