Monday, 5 November 2012

Bookworm: The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

I finished this book yesterday (taken me quite a while), deciding to try it out after Morton's The Forgotten Garden.

As with the other story I found it hard to get into at first, although blessedly there seemed to be a few less characters to remember.

This time we're taken through history by Grace, an elderly lady. However the difference is most of her story is about other people and as the name suggests the House at Riverton.

Unfortunately I found as a result some things were left hanging and not properly described.

Morton skips through time periods again, but I didn't feel it was quite so effective this time and instead left you feeling confused on occasion.

I also found most of the characters weren't that likeable and resulted in a rather negative feel throughout the book.

On reaching the end there were a couple of twists, but admittedly by this point I was just focussed on finishing as it felt the book had been going far too long.

Good bits
Some twists
Again nice to have a brief look into how people lived in the past
You did want to keep reading to find out the next piece of the puzzle

Not so good
Felt too long
Lots left unanswered
Seemed a confusing writing style this time

Overall the book was interesting, but I got fed up having to try remember who was who, when things had happened and found it hard to care for some characters as they were painted as rather unlikeable.

Definitely going for a more lighthearted and comical read for my next one...

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