Saturday, 17 November 2012

Six days in a row Saturday

Hooray it's the weekend!

I didn't get loads of sleep last night due to a tickly cough (thankfully it seems to be a nighttime/early morning thing). When me and my boyfriend heard the alarm go off this morning I think we both were feeling like staying in bed rather than getting up to exercise. I was also a tad achey since I've been the gym everyday so far this week.

After a hot drink and a banana off we went to the gym. I was in a panic, as when we left we only had 15 minutes until my spinning class started.

We got stuck in some traffic, so as we pulled up outside I hurried into the gym and changing rooms. I rushed into the studio and realised I needn't have worried.

You can tell we're getting close to Christmas and people are coming into hibernation mode. Our Saturday morning class is normally packed, today in total once everyone turned up there were about 10 of us there - about a third of the usual numbers.

So I survived the 60 minutes spin class (despite some tough routines and somebody close by deciding to break wind part way through - not the best when you're in a small room with no aircon and sweaty bodies!)

Then I came back to a nice hot lunch of beans on wholemeal toast and a cup of tea which was much needed.

I've got my Auntie coming over tonight for dinner and a catch up, but for now it's time to relax. I've already watched some extreme weight loss programme and flicked through Zest magazine to keep me inspired.

Let's see if I can make day seven out of seven...

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