Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 2 of getting back in shape

Well I managed to survive day one of trying to get myself back on track so I guess that’s a start! Unfortunately when I went to sleep I felt like a sore throat was creeping on – how does that work? You eat more healthily and drink more water, you exercise...and then you seem to get ill. Makes no sense to me!

Anyway I woke up this morning feeling fine – I’d had quite a lot of sleep as I’m working ‘from home’ (my parents) again Tuesday evening through to Wednesday morning for work. Starting work later today did me a favour as it meant I could pop to the gym in the morning (well okay, let’s be honest about 1130am). I had a quick small banana to eat before leaving and then decided to do another 5k on the treadmill.

Mission accomplished I left the gym pretty sweaty and tired (told you I was unfit right now!) although pleased I’d managed to cut my time down again. However, on getting home my throat started to hurt and if I’m honest it’s burning and feels super swollen right now. I’m starting to wonder if I’m allergic to the gym!

The other piece in this jigsaw is obviously healthy eating and again I tried to stay on track by having my banana breakfast and then a salad for lunch. Pictured below my salad had mixed leaves, a bit of orange pepper, seafood sticks (I love them!) and a tablespoon of reduced fat seafood sauce. I decided to wash this down with a glass of orange juice to try and push back against the germs setting up home in my throat. For snacks I had an apple and a low fat chocolate yoghurt.

Working from home and working in the night I admit I do find it tough to stick to this, not so much eating healthily but not over-eating. Sitting in a room on your own throughout the night in silence typing and staring for hours at a computer screen does tend to make me want to snack (if only to stay awake and alert!)

Lucky for me my Mum was making me dinner (an old Rosemary Conley recipe I think it is. For those of you who are too young, she’s a blonde haired older woman who used to do lots of exercise videos and diet books quite a few years back). Ginger chicken. I love it! Chicken pieces grilled in the oven in a ginger sauce marinade, served with salad and jacket potato. Yummy! Although we all know what Mums are like so I’m expecting a rather hefty plate full to be presented in front of me.

To help me try and stay on track I’m using a mixture of methods tried and tested before, which seemed to work so hopefully they’ll be helpful this time.

My Fitness Pal, which lets you track your calories consumed, your weightloss progress and your exercise (and what really helps me randomly is the water tracker where you log how many glasses of water you have a day, something for some reason I find hard to do).

A food diary – just a little notebook where I note down all my food/drink consumed that day, I seem to find keeping a log of what I have and seeing it in front of me makes me realise how much I really do eat/drink and also stops me eating lots as the time goes on.

As part of this food diary I use Weight Watchers Points (a combination of the very old system my Mum used to follow many years back and a slightly more up to date system thanks to a points book my boyfriend’s Dad gave me). Again I don’t follow this to every last little point, but I use it to stay on track and highlight where I need to cut back/where I’ve gone wrong.

I’m also going to try and blog on here regularly to make me take things more seriously – and hopefully be embarrassed when messing up because I have witnesses, which in turn will make me stick to the plan.

I’ll do my regular Monday morning weigh in and again will note this down in my little notebook (along with the exercise I do).

I was very conscious this is a tough time to try and ‘stay good’ since I’ve got lots of plans coming up for the festive season. I’m going to still stick to those and have fun (I’m concerned about becoming a bore who just bangs on about exercise and food, which I KNOW I’ve been guilty of before). However, I’ve done a little chart (notice the sad anal theme running through here? Little Miss List that’s me!) so I can see days that will be write offs and so hopefully plan the good days in between and around them.

Thankfully my boyfriend is going to try do the same and I hope we can act as support for each other as we go along.

Have to say right now my planned trip tomorrow to the gym is starting to worry me somewhat as my throat feels more and more like a volcano has set up inside it and that I’m developing some sort of third world goitre on my neck/glands. Nice.

Fingers crossed I will keep drinking water and after tonight’s shift get a good rest so I don’t get a flipping cold/tonsillitis which I seem so prone to! Every year I seem to forget having a flu jab does not mean I’m not going to catch any germs for the whole of winter.

I’ll be back for Day Three...

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