Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day Four: Portion control

Busy day at work today and I still felt a bit rubbish from my messed up sleep pattern if I'm honest. I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle.

However I managed to stick to it, eating healthily and drinking lots of water (getting a bit embarrassing now though nipping to the loo so much in the office!)

I was also successful in getting out on time so I made it to spinning. My fourth day at the gym this week.

What also bought a smile to my face is that finally my legs are moving more at spin and going faster, more like they used to. I found I managed to go to the beat a lot more again too. Hooray!

Don't get me wrong there's still a long way to go and I appreciate this, but it's so good to feel changes (even if they are small) so quickly.

I'm also trying to keep a closer eye on my portions. I noticed looking at some of the meal pictures I've posted they might look really huge. I should add I'm following that tip again of using a smaller plate to make you feel you've got more to eat (see pic below to give you an idea, I'm of course having dinner off the smaller one).

I'm not being super strict with portions like allowing yourself a small fistful of pasta for example, but I am (finally!) using my kitchen scales so I can make an effort to think a bit more about how much I'm eating and not just what I'm consuming.

I guess the only downside is these stupid cold symptoms which keep coming and going.

I'm so keen to keep going though I've already packed my gym kit for tomorrow! I've decided to end a crappy busy work week and let off steam by gyming it, even if it is sad for a Friday night!

I've had a lovely dinner of Quorn pork style and apple sausages, with mash and beans. Real comfort food but so low fat! Now time to sit back and relax, I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already and day five...

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