Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 12: Feeling full

It's Friday night and as per last week I'm at home and not out boozing or having a boogie.

I'm now in my twelfth day of trying to be more healthy and active. Today however has been my first 'cheat day'. We had a 'working lunch' at work today which I knew would involve eating more fattening food.

On the one hand I had a couple of things in my favour - some people had been on a night out and others are on medicine as they're not well, so nobody was drinking alcohol. Maybe I won't consume too much calorie-wise after all, I mistakenly thought.

Two hours later when we finished our session and I was (very slowly) walking back to the office, I realised I was wrong.

Lunch was lovely we had mixed breads with oil and vinegar and marinated olives. Then we picked our own main courses - I went for pork belly. It was so nice, but obviously very calorific. Pork belly with celeriac purée, caramelised apple, roasted baby beetroot and carrots. If you ever go to The Luxe in Spitalfields I can recommend it.

Yes I left my crackling but the pork belly itself was fatty enough! The meal was lovely but nearly five hours later I was still uncomfortably full.

In fact, tonight I'd planned to do a 5k in the gym. I was dreading it, I felt so full and on the train home I felt more like sleeping! However I forced myself to do it (I actually felt sick at more than one point).

Now lying on my sofa relaxing after my gym visit and a nice hot shower and over 7 hours after eating said meal I am still full up! Surely my stomach can't have shrunk this quickly?!

I'm looking forward to this weekend, a chance to relax and do some hard thinking (long story!)

I've now done four days straight at the gym (three lots of 5k and one set of 60 mins spinning). The plan is to do spin tomorrow for an hour and then see how I feel Sunday.

I'm still feeling unwell and haven't shifted this bad throat and germs so I'm wary of pushing myself too much. Plus my poor boyfriend seems to have caught the germs now!

I'd ideally like to achieve six days of exercise like last week if I can, but want to enjoy some time to relax and get things sorted in my flat too. Plus me and my Mum are off shopping tomorrow afternoon/evening so who knows I may well be all shopped out!!

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