Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shopping Shame

This weekend was all about trying to relax a bit and have a bit of a quiet one. I went to the gym on Friday night, I did a spin class on Saturday morning and that was about all I had planned too – well apart from going shopping with my Mum.

We went to Lakeside a few weeks back and the plan was to help my Mum get loads of new clothes as she’d lost lots of weight since her leg injury (those of you not from Essex, it’s our big shopping centre and the nearest one to me). I ended up spending a fortune and getting myself tons of new things – hence the wardrobe sort out straight after to make room! Sadly my Mum didn’t get too lucky and only purchased a few items.

Knowing this I’d specifically aimed to focus on getting my Mum more clothes, shoes, accessories etc and just look for ‘essentials’ for myself.

I know I know, you can already guess what happened…

We spent just under six hours at Thurrock’s finest retail offering and I came back with a pair of peep toe shoes, a dress, a bag, a scarf and a fake fur coat. Oops.

Mum came back with a top and a coat. Oh dear.

To be fair I was a tad more focussed this time, I definitely bought less than the last visit and some of the things I do actually need. The dress and bag are for a Christmas party I’m going to where my friend has suggested a gold theme and I didn’t have anything particularly gold to wear. The scarf I have been looking for one for ages in this pattern (leopard print of course, I’m so Essex!)

So then the shoes and coat? Well, er, the shoes were in the sale and they will go perfectly with two dresses I’ve got and will be fab in Summer with a tan (yes I am aware we’ve just got into Winter…)

The coat wasn’t in the sale but I bought it as a belated 30th birthday treat for myself with a voucher I’d been given in August for my birthday.

There you go, it’s not that bad…

I’ve also been strict with myself today. I’ve done five days in a row exercise this week (3 lots of 5k on the treadmill and 2 lots of 60 minutes’ worth of spinning). I’d already agreed I’d see how I was feeling this morning as to whether I made it 6 days in a row again, since I’ve been trying to get rid of this cough/germs and I was so so achey all day yesterday.

For once I stuck to my plan of relaxing and didn’t go to the gym today (although my bag is already packed ready for tomorrow night haha) and I’ve managed to get some homely bits done that were needed. A bit of shopping (food and home stuff this time), hoovering the whole flat and I did a couple of sets of washing (much needed since my laundry basket was set to burst!) Granted I was planning to also mop floors, clean my kitchen and bathroom and do this month’s budget – but I can’t do everything!

And really importantly…I realised it’s one month today until Christmas (how did that happen??) and I haven’t started my Christmas shopping etc. So I bought advent calendars for me and my boyfriend and bought my family Christmas cards. I’ve also had a think about my Christmas list too.

I’ve had a proactive weekend overall – surely that balances out my shopping shame?...

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