Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday night fitness

It's Friday night and I was due to be going out tonight with friends drinking and to watch a local band. I've been pretty tired out this week and keep feeling like I'm coming down with a cold, so I took the safe decision (for once!) and decided to give it a miss.

This also meant I could make sure I still stuck to my healthy eating (and no alcohol). After my day at work I felt like I needed to clear my head and decided I'd use my evening wisely and hit the gym before heading home.

A run on the treadmill focussing on improving my time and listening to some of my favourite fast tunes nice and loud was the perfect medicine. A short way in I did start to think I might be too tired to make 5k tonight, but I forced myself on.

Granted I felt pretty sad when we finished work, everyone planning to meet friends, go drinking and similar and little old me heading out with my gym bag over my shoulder. It's Friday night!!

Once the treadmill got ever closer to the 5k mark I started to feel a bit better about missing out on a social life tonight.

When I finished my 5k and realised I'd knocked over a minute off the time I achieved on Wednesday I felt even better!

I've come home and had a healthy dinner (of course weighed out on my trusty scales again!) and am now relaxing on my sofa.

Now of course I'm not saying I'm never going out and enjoying alcohol again. What I am realising though is how much better I'm feeling this week and the fact my body is working more effectively not having to deal with loads of booze and junk food.

As someone who loves a nice big glass of wine and a good night out, I'm going to have to find a balance. Who'd have thought it though this Friday night fitness actually isn't all bad!

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