Sunday, 16 July 2017

Constant concerns

Think of not having to work and life seems like it'd be so stress free and easy right? Well I've not been working quite a while now since having our baby girl (not so much a baby now - she's 14 months old). Don't get me wrong it's lots of fun and without a doubt my stress levels must be so much lower without the whole office politics and struggling to keep clients happy and manage a team. Only thing is though you swap one set of worries for a whole lot more...

Those who know me will laugh and say I will always worry as I am a worrier - something I used to tease my Mum for - I'm now a pro at myself!

However, am I just worrying more because I've got more free time? Or is it now I'm a Mum? Or is there really much more to worry about nowadays?

What's really got me on edge of late in particular is the threat to our safety. With all the terrorist attacks I started to get on edge about going into London, going abroad and those I know and love being under threat when they travel to and from work.

I feel I was just starting to get things into perspective about it all and then now the idea of danger came closer...we've got a huge issue around our area right now - moped crime. And I for one am getting a tad obsessed with it I'll admit. Most days it leaves me feeling sick and anxious.

I worry about walking out and about with my daughter and someone trying to attack us, even more so if they came near my daughter. I don't drive so I'm probably not their ideal target (they try and steal people's bikes and attack bike riders primarily) but then they moved on to other innocent people - those in cars. Whether that's trying to drive in to them, surround them, attack their cars with hammers or throw liquids (it's been suggested on occasion it's been acid). Each time I try to see how relevant this is to us - it's been single drivers etc, then it changes again and I hear stories of people with kids in the car being threatened!

However then we hear of tales of bikes coming up onto the pavement at people, across parks, or starting to try and break into people's homes.

So when I need to walk out with my toddler I panic we'll be under threat on foot, when my partner works nights I worry about potential burglary and when we're all in the car together I worry around the hotspots that we're going to be victims.

Worse still it seems the situation is getting worse and the police can only do so much.

I'm not asking for a miracle solution by posting this, just thought I'd share just how much damage these thugs do even to those they've not directly terrorised. And also put it out there to those fellow worriers - why is it some of us worry worry worry whilst others go with the flow and don't get so wrapped up?

Am I just over thinking things as I've got more time on my hands and different priorities and commitments? Or am I right to be worried and so aware?

Let's hope something is done soon about our local issue. Although we're going to look to book our first holiday with our daughter soon so don't worry I'll soon have something new to worry about!