Monday, 12 November 2012

Bookworm: Life...With No Breaks by Nick Spalding

Another week, another book review. I seem to be trotting these out lately, let's be fair though it may have a lot to do with the fact I've been a tad lazy with my blog lately.

Reading on my commute to and from work means I can read quite a bit and then a review on said book gives me an update on my rather neglected blog!

This time I decided to read another offering from author Nick Spalding as last time he actually made me giggle quite a lot and made train journeys a lot more fun.

Life...With No Breaks is a book he wrote over a period of 30 hours (he was aiming for 24 I believe) and is a random mix of opinions and memories from his life.

Yet again I was smiling and (embarrassingly) laughing out loud in public reading Spalding's words.

You seem to always find something to relate to, either an opinion you agree with or a story that sparks a memory from your past.

Granted there were a couple of times I felt links to topics were a bit tedious, but give the guy a break he was writing this without stopping and making it up as he went along pretty much.

I've now started following him on Twitter to see if he can make me laugh there too.

Through there I've learnt of a third follow up to the Love... series and in fact the second offering is next on my list to read.

Good bits
Makes you laugh
Easy read
Making me want to write more for some reason

Not so great
Some bits are a tad tedious
Some comments might annoy you depending on your background/views

Overall I'd recommend this ebook as another easy, lighthearted read to cheer you up, particularly in these dark, cold, moody Winter days and nights!

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  1. Now this review tempts me to read this book. We all need to have our share of laughs. I am looking forward to board the laughter bus verbally.