Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Booze and bad food 1 fitness and weight loss 0

I'm worried. Winter is here and I've unfortunately gone into hibernation mode - preferring to stay indoors snuggled in the warm, snacking on junk and sipping wine with dinner.

What concerns me most about this is how I'm feeling - confidence is getting low again, my clothes are getting tighter and I'm constantly tired.

I managed to up my activity last month when I was conscious of fitting into a bikini for my holiday in Turkey, but I did find it pretty tough.

Now since we've been back I have got so lazy and I feel it.

As you all know (and probably got sick of!) I discovered spinning in June and got pretty addicted. Yes it was tough but I loved it, I felt good for going and enjoyed pushing myself in class.

However, as surprised as I am to say this in the few times I've been recently I feel like I'm starting to get bored.

No, my classes aren't involving much harder routines, the instructors aren't getting worse, the people attending aren't dull. No, I know why I'm feeling this way, the classes are just so difficult and unpleasant at the moment.

Why? Because my fitness has dropped. My legs won't seem to move as quick as they need to, I'm getting more sweaty and find I need longer recovery times. Therefore rather than pounding the pedals to the beat and smiling as another great track comes on, I'm getting fed up that I'm struggling so much.

Thankfully I forced myself to try the gym today and attempt another 5k on the treadmill. I did it (and surprisingly at my shortest time I achieved before our holiday). It was so so hard though, I felt completely shattered when I finished (not great when I've got a late shift at work ahead of me!)

My legs were in agony, I was dripping with sweat and feeling fed up. I moaned to my boyfriend about how hard I'm finding things lately and thank goodness he just gave me the truth.

I'm eating and drinking badly - I'm not consuming enough water, I'm in fact indulging in too much alcohol. I'm not sticking to a healthy diet and trying the few odd treats, instead I'm wolfing down chocolate and junk and eating out lots.

Okay so there you go I admit it, I know what's wrong. First step I imagine, like they say to alcoholics.

I've got a fridge full of healthy foods, have been the gym twice this week and have more visits planned. What I need though is a way to snap out of this lull.

I know what I'm doing wrong and I'm not happy with my change in body shape and energy as a result. Yet, I'll admit, I also am finding it hard to sort myself out and fix it.

How do I get my motivation, energy and enthusiasm back?

That right now is the million dollar question it seems. So Help! Any tips or ideas you can share would be great, right now I need all the help I can get!!

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  1. Oh blimey I'm having the same problem! Having lost 18lbs so far I'm finding myself increasingly attracted to stodgy junk food and snuggling up on the sofa! If you find a cure help me too! xx