Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bookworm: Never Tell by Alafair Burke

I finished this latest read last night - and proceeded to have some really odd dreams (you've been warned!)

After thoroughly enjoying one thriller I thought I'd go on to try another one I'd downloaded.

Never Tell focuses on the death of a rich popular American schoolgirl, the detectives starting their journey trying to decide if she committed suicide or was murdered.

What follows is a twist and turns tale involving popular kids, homeless friends, rich US families, the legal system, an ex prisoner and many many secrets.

This book keeps you wanting more and keen to find out who is linked to who and how. There's more than one story to this book and all are equally thrilling.

At times Burke's storytelling reminded me of Jodi Picoult's style - a good thing I feel. However, even better sometimes Picoult's courtroom settings and case descriptions can go on somewhat.

Not the case with Never Tell and its author, you get a snippet of all the interesting bits.

As I neared the end of this piece of fiction I admit it did get confusing at times - perhaps a tad too many characters and hints at situations and outcomes rather than being super clear and detailed.

However I can't deny I was hooked and felt I raced through this thriller.

What I also found with this title was there weren't easily guessed outcomes and scenarios, most points surprised me.

Good bits
Keeps you gripped
Good characters you're interested in
Lots of sub stories and snippets to keep you reading

Not so great
The ending I felt was rather confused
Perhaps a few too many characters, or rather not all were introduced as well as they could be
Sometimes you feel like you're guessing at what the author is suggesting and at times I felt I wanted to flick back to earlier sections to get things clear

Yes I would recommend it, particularly if you were a fan of Picoult but have grown tired of her too similar books - I guess this is a less wordy, more gripping, darker offering.

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