Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day Three: how a day can completely turn around

Wednesday is here, halfway through the week and three days into my healthy eating and exercise regime.

As I mentioned yesterday I had to do some late overnight work through Tuesday to today so I was worrying about being able to stick to my plan. Often working overnight leaves me craving sweet treats to keep me going.

As it turned out I ended up working from 4pm Tuesday to 5 o'clock this morning, just a bit longer than expected... I'd originally thought we'd probably be done by about 3am based on previous experience.

Whilst work continued and I noted the time ticking further on, I realised my best made plans might not work. I'd 'cleverly' thought if I finished at 3 I could get up about 11am and get my eight hours of sleep and then go to the gym to complete today's 5k on the treadmill.

Hm...after signing off work and walking zombie-like to my bed after 5am the last thing I could think of facing was the gym. I felt like I could sleep all day!

I managed to get about 7 hours sleep or so in the end and woke up feeling full of headache and confused (i.e. what time was it, realising I was at my parents not my flat and so on). As you've probably guessed by now I still wasn't overly excited about hitting the gym.

However I pushed myself, had a shower, big cup of coffee and a banana and after a bit of a chat I left my parents to go direct to the gym.

I felt fed up to be honest because I was tired (lack of sleep and hunger always makes me moody!) and then also realised I'd left my coat at my parent's house! But I got in the gym and on the treadmill and I'm pleased to say I did it!

There were a few moments where I felt so so weak and tired out but I pushed through - despite my annoyance at the guys who came onto the treadmills next to me... Seriously, there are 30 treadmills downstairs in our gym (yes, I did count them!) About 5 or 6 of them were in use and we were all spread out. Why oh why would you come and plonk yourself down directly next to someone else?? Grrr.

When I finished though I felt great! I'd beaten my time and managed to run a lot longer today (I'm trying to increase my running time and decrease walking time until I can build up to run it all and run it fast, well that's the plan).

My strop came back when I got outside, it was so cold and the bus wasn't due for ages. I ended up getting a bus part way and walking the rest. Once back in my home sweet home I had a healthy salad lunch and then had a lovely long hot shower.

After finding a burst of post-exercise buzz energy I had a bit of a tidy up and sort out of the flat and then sat down to relax.

I'm sad I know, but when I sat down I realised I'm A Celebrity was on repeat from last night. Obviously I was working so missed the episode and was keen to watch the eating challenge.

Since then I've had a nice dinner of quorn spaghetti bolognese and lots of water and I've noted some trashy TV programmes on tonight I love - MasterChef and Girlfri3nds. Embarrassing I know, but I am looking forward to chilling out and indulging myself.

So there you go, another successful day again, I've stuck to my healthy eating (I've had a yoghurt for a snack and will probably have another small snack later on). I've stuck to my exercise planned, despite an initial setback too.

I've gone from being tired out and fed up to feeling proud, relaxed and happy! Funny how a day can completely change eh?

Pic of some of my OTT organisation - food diary and exercise planner.

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