Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mopping up after Wineday 28th November...

Ah it was going so so well there for a moment, a whole 17 days without consuming any alcohol whatsoever.

And then Wednesday happened.

And alcohol happened.

So far this week – week three – I’ve been doing okay. Healthy food and lots of water consumed and a 5k completed on Monday and 50 minutes of spinning on Tuesday. I also realised I hadn’t had alcohol in over two weeks which was a great achievement in my eyes. I even said to people, ‘Wow! If I don’t drink until my night out with the girls on Saturday that will be three weeks without booze!’ When will I learn?...

Flash to Wednesday afternoon and I was all happy since I had a half day off work and was planning a nice relax with my boyfriend before we headed off to the o2 and to go and see the legend that is Alanis Morisette perform. I was super excited.

Originally we had discussed possibly having a healthy dinner at home before we left, but eventually decided to go to the o2 early on and enjoy a leisurely meal before heading into the arena to see the support acts and then Alanis herself.

I – perhaps rather boringly – had decided that Nandos or Frankie & Benny’s could both be good options since I knew how to work out the points/calories for Nandos and also that Frankie & Benny’s offered a lighter choices menu. Perfect. I was in two minds if I was going to allow myself a treat of a glass of wine, or whether to stick to simply water or orange juice.

As the afternoon wore on I was increasingly coming around to the idea of a cheeky glass of vino, since going to a gig completely alcohol free seemed a little odd (does that make me sound like an alcoholic??)

Hm, now cut to me and boyfriend at the o2 and my boyfriend admitting he is a bit fed up of Nandos, can’t we go somewhere else and us both then deciding on the Harvester. My boyfriend probably because he thinks I’m getting a tad obsessive and need to allow myself treats and me because I knew they did less fattening options than other places.

I even ended up telling the waitress I was trying to be good (after she embarrassingly noticed me agonising over the calorie notes on the menu!) So it began. I opted for a starter since all I’d had that day was a small bowl of porridge and a granola bar. Prawns with a sweet chilli dip – around 400 calories – didn’t seem too bad. And of course at the Harvester you have to have the freebie salad cart so I tucked into that.

Main course after lots of back and forth I decided on a steak – the smallest size available – which came with peas and I ordered a jacket potato with it (which thankfully was pretty small when it turned up). Naughtily I also ordered some sauce with it, but they put it in a jug so you don’t have to eat it all which is good.

So far so good right. Sure, a bit of a treat, but nothing major.

Yeah, so, er, how about if you then introduce some alcohol? Or how about if you bring to the table two LARGE glasses of red wine.

And then what if I was to say to you let’s also add on a huge ice cream sundae affair – which included crushed Aero mint bubbles, chocolate fudge cake pieces, chocolate sauce and lots of ice cream and cream?? See where we’re going here?

Of course after 17 days without alcohol of any kind the wine went straight to my head and so this helped in my decision to have dessert.

It then also conveniently assisted in convincing me I of course needed another big glass as we entered the arena to find our seats ready for the gig. And when we popped out to nip to the loo in a break before the next support act came out? Of course it’d be rude not to have another (at least at this point my brain slightly came into function and I picked a small glass at this point).

Putting aside my diet and alcohol slip, I have to say I had a really good evening and enjoyed myself. Alanis Morisette was amazing as I hoped she would be. The support acts ‘souleye’ (her rapper husband) wasn’t really up to much if I’m honest and Athlete were okay but nothing I would get particularly excited over. However Alanis had her perfect voice which nobody could compare to and she was churning out the 90s hits we all know and love and remember from my teenage years. It was a great show and so much fun.

Getting home feeling dehydrated, tired, cold and super full up wasn’t so great...

On the plus side, I did manage to get to the gym today as hoped. I am doing late night work again for a client and so I had a few hours this morning before I needed to start work. My boyfriend came too and we both nipped to the gym for a quick workout. I managed to do my 5k – in fact I did my best time yet. Granted, my boyfriend did say I probably needed that food, I should allow myself treats and that it’d be good fuel for my 5k. Hate to say it, but food and fuel wise he was right. I did my 5k relatively easily today.

How I will feel later on tonight once my work is complete and I’ve been staring at a screen for 8 hours+ is another matter.

For now though I’m just hoping I can work hard enough with my exercise to try undo some of the bad work from the wine and food consumed last night so that I still manage a weight loss on Monday. Fingers crossed.

However, if I’m honest, at the same time I also need to try and manage to get a balance as clearly I do need to allow myself treats and can’t keep beating myself up every time I have something nice to eat (which I notice I now call ‘bad food’ or ‘naughty food’ which in itself is a bit sad!)

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