Monday, 26 November 2012

Week Three: Hard work pays off

Here I am, two weeks down and beginning my third week of healthy eating and exercise. Last week I achieved a five pound weight loss which I was so happy about.

Admittedly I was nervous about this morning's weigh in, after such a big drop last week I wondered if there'd be no loss today. Also the epic pork belly lunch which left me stuffed for hours was sure to be sitting on my hips!

I got on the scales and hooray! Another loss. This week I'd lost two pounds and my body fat is going down too, so it's good weight loss.

It felt great, I've lost seven pounds, half a stone, in the last two weeks. Seeing results really keeps me motivated and want to push on.

I also realised I've not had alcohol for two weeks. Much to my boyfriend's humour I'm actually quite proud of this fact! And as a girl who loves her vino this is quite a shocker! I feel great for it.

Of course all good things must come to an end, I'm off out with the girls on Saturday night and I'm not planning to go without booze then. I just hope that as by then it'll have been a three week break from alcohol I don't actually drunkenly fall on the floor after one glass!

I won't lie for some reason I felt exhausted tonight and I really was on the verge of not going to the gym tonight. I'd had a break yesterday though and as I know I definitely can't go Wednesday and I'll be boozing on Saturday I decided I had to at least try.

It was tough. For some reason I had no energy, but then eventually I got in 'the zone' as people say and I managed to do my planned 5k.

I wasn't too impressed with the long wait for the bus in the freezing cold winds and heavy rain. However, now sitting here in my PJs cosy in my flat that is long forgotten.

Oh and I've put my name down for spinning tomorrow so I better snap out of this lazy mood, it's the strict instructor tomorrow...

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