Tuesday, 4 December 2012

And so week four begins...

December begins and I've completed three weeks of healthy eating and exercise (with a couple of 'off day's in between).

After that three weeks I've managed to lose 8lbs in weight.

In three weeks I've exercised 16 times.

This has been split between nine sets of 5k and seven classes of spinning.

In completing my 5k on the gym treadmill I've taken over 2 minutes off my best time and taken my walking time down to 4 minutes.

Now week four begins and I've done one 5k (on Monday) and then tonight a 50 minutes spinning session.

I'm feeling really good for it so far and am so pleased with the results coming through every week.

Diet wise I feel like I'm much more on a wavelength/pattern and exercise is becoming fun again after shedding a few pounds.

Obviously now things are going to get even tougher, with 21 days/three weeks today until Christmas Day. This means colder weather, darker nights and party season - so more food and drink temptations!

Thankfully I've got my little plan of when I'm due to be going out and therefore will likely eat food that isn't that healthy and probably consume alcohol. The plan is around these events I keep strictly to my healthy eating and exercise.

So far this seems to be working and I'm happy sticking to it so I hope I can keep it up until Christmas.

I still feel I'm struggling to get a balance though, I had far too much alcohol on Saturday night and consumed pizza and ice cream on Sunday and admittedly I had big guilt issues with it.

I'm currently watching a BBC Three programme about fat, dieting, body image and weight loss and it couldn't be more relevant.

I've already identified with people on it and their eating/dieting behaviours and I'm learning interesting facts (and frankly shocking ones).

Apparently having alcohol can reduce your body's ability to burn fat by 70% This explains a hell of a lot!

For now I'm going to try and keep at it and fingers crossed there'll be another positive weight loss next week too!

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