Friday, 20 January 2012

Feeling full of germs

This week I've been gradually feeling more and more like I'm getting ill and getting some sort of cold. Then this morning I woke up feeling funny headed and full of germs. My throat is a little sore and my nose feels weird like when you've got a cold.

As a result I am in a bad mood. Again. I'm not a good patient when I'm ill and to be honest I'm pretty much like a man gets when he suffers from the well known 'man flu'. I feel sorry for myself and I mope.

However, as I'm not quite in the depths of any sort of illness yet, (it's just sitting there threatening...) I am instead just in a permanent strop.

I'm stroppy because I want to see our friend's new baby, but at the same time am desperately worried about passing any germs on (we've already rescheduled once).

Another big reason is my healthy eating/exercise plan. Having a cold will not fit well with this. I can't push myself and work out until I feel ready to drop if I'm ill, as I'm likely to quite literally drop. I'll crave comfort food and warm, filling dinners, not low fat, small portion meals and cold salads.

I'm already concerned if I'm honest this week that I'm not at the levels I was last week. I have done exercise 3 days out of 4 so far - two lots of workout DVD and 1 session of Boxercise last night. Tonight I planned to do another workout and then hit the gym hard tomorrow and Sunday. So if I get a cold it will be such an inconvenience!

Last week I was much further ahead by now and I want results like Monday's weigh in, not a one pound loss, or even worse a no loss. I won't even consider a weigh in result of putting on weight!!

The other thing is people are going to argue that perhaps I've pushed myself too much recently and hence I'm now run down. I don't want to settle for that though, as I need to push this hard to see good results.

For now I'm going to just try and drink lots of fluids and hope that by the time I get home I feel a little better and want to exercise. I'll do a workout DVD and eat lots of veg and drink plenty of orange juice and hopefully ward off any potential cold.

I never know what the official line is on having a cold and exercising is. Do you stop and rest and get better? Or do you exercise regardless and keep your fitness levels up?

I guess I've been lucky not to get anything so far, as people at work get ill, everyone shares their germs on the train and the new year is typically the time for it.

See? See how sorry I am for myself and moany? I've not even got said cold yet and I'm already into feel-sorry-for-myself mode!! Let's hope I'm not getting ill as goodness knows what I'll be like with an ACTUAL cold!!

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