Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cleaning up your life

There is something oddly therapeutic about being in a clean environment. Now I have been nicknamed Monica (as in Courtney Cox's neat-freak character in Friends), so perhaps I may find myself in one of those 'on your own' situations here with this one.

However, after a few years now in my own home I'm a lot more laid back about tidiness and keeping everything clean. That is until I get started.

Why is it once you begin to tidy or clean do you seem to constantly keep discovering more dirt? As soon as I've begun a cleaning mission I can't stop myself. I'll aim to start with one room then another gets added, then another, then another chore and so it goes on.

Today I've been quite restricted, only because I feel like I'm coming down with some sort of cold. I'm ashamed to say I haven't really cleaned my flat this year yet - no excuse just pure laziness.

So after the gym, I got home and started. Im currently on my third lot of washing - whites and darks are done. We've done a quick sweep of all the floors and any carpets have been hoovered. I already put new bedding on last night so that's sorted.

The rest is left for tomorrow when the bathroom and kitchen surfaces will be tackled and all the floors will be mopped. What an exciting weekend!!

Now though sitting here in my semi clean flat I feel relaxed. All feels right with the world. When my home and belongings are in order somehow I seem to then feel my life too is in order. Odd, but true.

I've even finally got around to sorting out my makeup and my jewellery, using my new jewellery box I specially asked for at Christmas. Again that's helped contribute to my calmness!

I guess after sharing my exciting cleaning exploits I better leave it there, before I lose all my followers! I'm off for a relaxing evening indoors, well that is until my boyfriend dares drop a crumb or make something untidy. Then all hell's going to break loose...

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