Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Running towards my goal

Day three of my healthy eating/exercise plan and progressing has involved a healthy breakfast and lunch and I've got fruit lined up as snacks again.

Last night I had a healthy dinner too, well I did eventually. Before cooking and eating said dinner, what did I do? I stupidly/wisely (delete as appropriate) offered to join my boyfriend for a run. Yes yesterday when it was freezing cold, raining and blowing a gale outside...

Although I feel like a beached whale right now I was rather pleased to discover on Monday that I managed to run a whole 15 minutes on the treadmill without collapsing (I should add I worked out for 70mins overall and didn't just stay for 15 minutes then leave).

After getting home on the train and being greeted by my boyfriend (better journey home than the morning commute thank goodness), we got home and changed into some running gear. Okay, I admit it the excitement about what to wear to go running was a big appeal and I was considering options on the train to prepare!

After trying on and ditching a third layer more than a few times we left the comfort of my warm comfy flat and headed into the cold.

Now, my partner is running the London and Brighton marathons this year (yes the ones only one week apart!) He is officially starting hardcore training next week, but he was so supportive and kept checking I was okay (I guess clutching my inhaler in my hand the whole time might be slightly worrying!)

We ran on the pavement alongside busy roads, down quiet neighbourhoods and past empty dark parks. In total we managed to do nearly 6km and arrived back to the flat after around 50 minutes or so. Throughout this time we did walk some of the route to catch our breath and because my legs were burning (hey, it was our first one).

I have to say though as much as I ached last night and my legs felt like lead this morning I really did enjoy myself. We were using an app (think it's NikeRun or similar) and it mapped where we ran, gave us encouragement and updated us on how far we'd gone. Afterwards we could also view where we'd gone a bit slow and in what areas. If you're on your own there are cheers of support and music options you can listen to too, not something I'll be trying in the dark on my own though. I already jumped out my skin when a car beeped us as we crossed a turning entrance in front of him...

Have I now got the running bug? Well, after just one night's running I am certainly no expert, but am keen to go again and try and beat our times moving forwards.

I'm also proud I'll admit, that we actually got out there when it was so cold and dark and did something.

That means I've done the gym, I've gone for a run and now I need to find something tonight to try out - candidates at present are Wii Fit or a workout DVD.

I shall let you know what I pick and how it went tomorrow - providing I actually do something and don't just collapse on the sofa when I get in!

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