Friday, 13 January 2012

Weekend workouts

Day 12 and I am pleased to report I can actually walk today and sneeze without groaning in pain!

I gave Ms Michaels and her workout another go last night and thankfully found it a bit easier going than last time, PLUS my abs don't seem too bad today either!

Of course the downside to this is now I'm questioning whether I pushed myself hard enough last night. Taking into account the whole no pain no gain mantra and everything. I guess we'll know come Monday morning...

I'm also pleased to say my mentality is gradually changing. On viewing a big juicy meaty burger on TV last night covered in cheese and bacon I didn't feel tempted by it. My stomach didn't grumble in hunger and I didn't crave junk food. Good progress I feel.

My mood seems better today so perhaps I am adjusting to this lower caffeine intake too.

I've even requested a set low fat 'diet' dinner at my parents for our visit tomorrow and am finding out the meal at the in-laws Sunday so I can plan my points accordingly. Throw in two planned gym sessions and some exercise tonight and I'm hoping I'll show the scales who's boss come weigh in number two!

Me and the boyfriend have been bickering a bit though. I think perhaps a bit of friendly weight loss rivalry might be going on here. Sure that can only help but motivate us though, so shan't complain.

In other positive news, baby number three out of my friends of expectant parents have arrived! A lovely little girl was born yesterday, their first child. Exciting times. And the hen party plans are slowly coming together for my friend's wedding this far so good.

The only downside I have to say is people's negativity so far this year, I've come across it in lots of places and am not impressed. Particularly the train commuters who must of all got 'How to be a complete a******e' books for Christmas! If it's not pushing, coughing over everyone or barging you out the way, it's playing their music without headphones or leaning their bag on your shoulder.

Oh well, back to the office for me now. Just under four hours to go and it's the weekend!!

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