Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cath Kidston, croissants and Luton

Today is Saturday and day six of my healthy eating/exercise plan. Today is also going to be a 'cheat day', where I won't be doing any exercise or watching what I eat (within reason).

I'll be honest earlier in the week this worried me, I can quite easily get out of the healthy mindset once I start eating 'badly' and this year I'm keen to shed some pounds so want to exercise as much as I can.

However when my alarm went off at silly o'clock this morning I ached so much from the past five day's worth of exercise I am glad of the break. I literally feel like my body has been kicked and beaten - my abs ache when I sit up, my arms ache pretty much constantly and my legs ache, well, every time I walk!

So sitting here on the Met Line (before 9am on a Saturday, mad!) I am rather glad to be taking a break. I'm also quite pleased as although I know it's a free day I'm not wanting to pig out and eat non stop. I've got two croissants with me (not very healthy I know) and I'm going to get a coffee at the station. I know what I've got for dinner - bride-to-be's Mum is very kindly cooking me a meal later and although comfort food it's not the most fattening of meals you can have.

I've now progressed to an East Midlands train, in fact we've just left the station to make our way to Luton. I've been blogging whilst making my way from home to London.

At the station I found myself faced with another of my issues - shopping. I LOVE it. The fun kind that is, when you buy clothes, not when you find yourself standing in a long queue waiting for the checkout girl to find out the price of the woman in front's pack of frozen peas. As I walked along the station trying to ascertain what platform my train was on I noticed Cath Kidston, not just any Cath Kidston shop, but one with big red SALE signs in it.

Thankfully I still needed to get my coffee so I managed to just about walk away, but not before I checked what time they're open until tonight for my journey home. The hope is I'll be really tired later so won't want to shop in Cath Kidston at 830/9 at night, we'll see...

I've always had a thing for shopping since a young age, I seem to have got this habit from my Aunt. When I lived at home I was worse because I didn't have bills to pay, it's just that buzz from bagging a bargain and carrying all those bags after a successful shopping trip.

Hm maybe that's why I've never ventured into drugs, my drugs are wine, chocolate and shopping I think!! That's where I get my buzz.

Thankfully when I had to save up to buy my flat it seemed to flick some sort of switch and I've never been so bad as I used to be at spending and having numerous storecards. Although as I had time off between Christmas and New Years, I did spend two solid days sales shopping and spent more than enough.

Thankfully, with my income, I have a keen eye for a bargain and am not a designer freak so at least I do buy cheap things. Although of course the amount I buy can actually counteract that defence.

I need to go now, it's time to take my blogging hat off and go be the best Maid of Honour I can be. I just hope my friend doesn't kill me once she sees how much weight I've put on...thank goodness this isn't the final fitting!

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