Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My 100th post!!

Seven months later and here I am at my 100th blog post!

Since June 2011 I've posted short stories, poems, opinion pieces, random thoughts and entertainment-led items and I have to say I've loved every minute.

I first set up this blog as a way to be able to write. Since a young child I've always loved to write, whether it be pretend newspaper articles or a Mickey Mouse adventure story!

After realising that getting paid to write wasn't going to earn me that much, I soon accepted I'd need to follow a job that didn't involve writing.

I used to write reviews for a website where I used to work, so got to carry on my writing for a bit. This sadly ended and I was left without a chance to write. I then decided last year to try and do something where I could enjoy my interest in writing - hence The Melican was set up.

I've always said I'll just write about anything and everything and say how I feel, which I really have tried to stick to. I didn't want to specialise in a set topic as I know what I'm like and tend to go off on a tangent when I have a conversation normally!

Knowing I wanted to take a rather random approach to my blog and reflect my big mouth in real life in my words the name came naturally.

When I was at Uni, my flatmates would joke how much I talked and how big a mouth I had! One in particular was doodling one day and happened to draw a pelican, adding a few girly features after the huge mouth, they announced "Hey! It's Mel! Melican!!". Much laughter followed and the name stuck.

I'm gradually getting some more comments on posts - please keep them coming! I've had around 5000 page views since I started the blog and I have a set of regular followers, some subscribed, some not.

However in 2012 I want The Melican to be bigger and much better.

So far some of the most popular blogs have been:

'Giving men the red card'

'Is the only way Essex?'

'Random hungover Sunday musings'

'Winter is coming'

'Should it always be fitness first?'

Clearly opinion pieces are more popular than short stories, although there is one poem there. So my audience like me to talk about football, Essex, hangovers and the seasons. From a girl who isn't into footie, the fact my most popular blog post is about that sport does make me giggle a bit.

So for now I'm going to carry on what I'm doing and keep opening my mouth loud and proud to keep those opinions and thoughts flowing!

Thanks to those who've been reading this blog already, please please do spread the word and if you've got a minute I really would appreciate some comments on the posts. I do always make sure I reply back and always read them. I like to know what you think too...

The Melican xx


  1. You are as funny and sweet online as you are in the flesh! I will be subscribing once I've posted this... In the unlikely event that I don't hear what the Melican has to say about the status quo during the day at work, it's good to know I'll be able to keep up to date with your blog!! ;) x

  2. Aw thanks Tab, what a lovely message! If you ever want me to feature any posts on any of your many creative pieces just let me know :)