Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The January Blues

The sky is grey, dark and heavy
Litter lies in the street dirty and soggy

Umbrellas hitting one another in the street
Blowing inside out, or water from them dripping on feet

No plans in the diary, nobody has money
Waiting for payday, those numerous bills are a worry

Trying to resist those comfort foods you love and adore
Turning down offers of treats and drinks, feeling like a bore

The gym is packed with new, bigger, sweatier bodies
Classes full up, regular goers not happy

Work colleagues and contacts all noticeably moody
Requests piling up, everything now needed in a hurry

Commuters are ruder, pushing and shoving
Everyone rushing to get home before it starts raining or snowing

The newspapers full of doom and gloom
Waking in the morning, it feels cold and so dark in the room

Your cheeks sting and ache as those cold winds bite
Being woken up as the wind crashes around throughout the night

You feel like your life revolves around the TV
Nothing to watch, you just flick channels endlessly

You start on a book, but it doesn't grip you
Try to clean up your home, but so too does it bore you

Everyone around coughing and sneezing
Soon you catch the germs and end up all heady and wheezy

Hate being so down and moody, oh what to do
It's just simply a case of the January Blues

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