Monday, 23 January 2012

Weigh in week three

Another week, another weigh in. Today marked my third weigh in after starting my healthy eating and exercise plan. I'm pleased to report that I lost a further two pounds this week.

This gives me a grand total of 7lbs weight loss in three weeks. I'm pleased with this and just hope I can keep it up.

Work is getting much busier again now and I'm starting to get plans in the diary in my personal life. So I'm a bit worried about being able to exercise as much and stick so rigidly to my eating plan.

One thing I just can't understand is how weight loss works. My first week I did five hours of exercise and lost one pound in weight. My second week I managed four and a half hours of exercise and lost four pounds. Then this week I've done four hours and lost two pounds. Each week I've been strict on my healthy eating (bar one day in the first week), so how does this weight loss work out?

I feel like I've fallen at the first hurdle this week as I was planning to do seven days of exercise, but I've not done any tonight.

Granted, the reason I'm not exercising today is because I can just about walk. I spent 70 minutes in the gym on Saturday and then 80 minutes on Sunday. I felt great at the time, but my muscles aren't thanking me today.

This 'cold' I thought I'd caught doesn't seem to be in full force yet either. I woke up at the weekend feeling heavy headed and with a sore throat. Yet after exercising I felt great. Today I have now got a really irritating tickly cough. I'm just hoping this goes away too so I can keep on top of the plan the rest of the week.

Also coming up is a night out with the girls, which should be interesting seeing as I've had just one glass of wine so far this year... I'm part worried about the calorie intake of that weekend approaching, but also how I'm going to handle the booze. We shall see what happens.

I've also taken note of a tip from fitness guru Jillian Michaels, who suggests eating dinner with your less dominant hand (in my case my left). It makes you eat more slowly. I'll let you know how it works out.

In fact tonight sees another emergency service documentary hit our screens - Party Paramedics - which funnily enough is tonight showing Colchester, my old Uni town and people getting drunk and disorderly. Who knows, perhaps I'll get some tips for my night out, maybe I'll try out the left handed approach in my drinking too...

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