Monday, 9 January 2012

Scary scales

Today is Monday, if it's not bad enough to think the weekend is over already I also woke up to this - today is my first weigh in day.

(Un)Fortunately I got up too late this morning to have time to weigh myself, check my body fat and BMI. Now when I get home not only does a workout DVD await me, but also the dreaded weigh in.

To make matters worse my boyfriend - who is also trying to sort out his weight - managed to jump on the scales and has achieved a 4lb weight loss in just a week! I am obviously really pleased for him, but like those partners on The Biggest Loser, just know mine will not match it. What worries me even more is that I won't have lost anything.

Over the week I have followed a healthy diet for 6 of the 7 days, I've exercised for those 6 days too (gym x 3, Boxercise, Wii Fit and a run). I've been roughly using Weight Watcher points and my Food Diary and have been under on points everyday (not on purpose), bar the 1 day. All in all I have been trying pretty darn hard!

However, I woke this morning feeling really bloated and my trousers feel so tight today, making me feel like my hard work has made no difference. Don't get me wrong I appreciate I won't see massive results in just a week, but I want/need to see something!

I've tried to mention this weigh in on here and via Twitter, Facebook etc as I think by telling people of my progress it will keep me accountable/on track. We shall see.

I already dealt with one hurdle today, my office always has somebody bringing in some form of sweet treat. Last week was okay as not everyone was back, but this week they are and luxury chocolates were on offer. This was announced via email so I couldn't avoid it and I sit right next to the kitchen. I was strong though and avoided temptation.

Also adding to my issues were of course the dress fitting at the weekend, of course it didn't fit. What didn't help were the two and three sizes too small offerings the assistants kept handing me. Way to shoot down a girl's self esteem!

Our final fitting is now set for early May, not the end of May, so this also means two or three weeks less to get in shape.

One of my friends wasn't feeling too great today either about her weight though, so I guess I should really take my own advice I dished out.

I'm going to eat my fruit snacks this afternoon, get home and weigh myself and then get on with today's exercise.

After all regardless of what digital numbers appear on that screen and flash in front of me later I need them to go down at some point and doing nothing/moping about certainly isn't going to achieve any goals.


  1. Re-read that last sentence! You'll be fine. WE'LL DO THIS!!! xx

  2. Mel you are amazing and I know you can do this - Team Mel!!!

  3. Hi Mel, you don't know me, but I'm ex-Investis & Sri will vouch for my worthiness!!! I lost 3 stone last year through diet & exercise & I used the myfitnesspal app on the iPhone. Give it your target weight aim with target date & it gives you a calorie & exercise target to hit. Keep under the calories per week & do the exercise & you're there. Oh & never, ever weigh yourself more than once a week. Good luck, you'll make it!

  4. Thanks for all your comments, advice and support! I managed to lose 1lb in the end, which is better than nothing. Will keep you posted!