Monday, 16 January 2012

Whinging and weight loss

Well weigh in arrived this morning and I've managed to lose 4lbs! I truly am so pleased, I really feel that hard work and effort has paid off this week.

So as I've got rid of four unwanted pounds of fat, I thought I'd share four other things in life I'd rather be without...

1. Rude commuters
What is it with people on the way to and from work that makes them think they've got this God-given right to act so selfishly? If it's not coughing or sneezing in your face, it's pushing into you or using your head/shoulders/back as a leaning post for themselves or their luggage! I want to get to work on time too and get home quickly to enjoy my evening, but I don't feel the need to knock people over in my bid to do it. I feel so so sorry for myself when I'm ill and mope around looking sad-faced, but I've never felt the urge to inflict my pain on a carriage-full of passengers.

2. Jobsworths
Why oh why do we have to encounter these people seemingly everyday in life. Whether it's at work or when trying to solve your own personal queries, you always meet Little Miss Inflexible or Mr Must-work-to-rule. As someone who likes to help others and in work make life as easy as possible for my clients it really drives me mad when people can't use common sense and see past their bullet point list of agreed rules/steps. Then you find you do work hard or make an effort for friends and then you become Little Miss Put Apon.

3. London Transport
Why do we have to put up with a service that the majority of the time doesn't run on time, has rude staff (252 drivers I'm referring to you here!) and yet increases in cost every year? We're trapped because we have to use the service to get to work or visit key places in our capital and so nothing changes.

4. Fair-weather friends
You know the ones I mean, only get in touch when they want something, need attention or want to show off how amazing their life is. They get stuck for cash, need someone to go on a night out because others have let them down or always lean on you but never offer their support. Why do we let them do it?

Ah...and breathe. That little rant just helped a bit and also made my train journey home pass a bit quicker. Now just need to deal with these annoying friends and jobsworths and we're sorted!


  1. Love this blog! Good to know we're all in the same boat in January. I'm 3lb down this week - gotta love weight watchers. Hang in there! You're doing great x

  2. Thanks Kelly! Well done on your weight loss, great work! x

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