Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ab-solute agony

Day number 11 of my healthy eating and exercise and noticing I've been quite grumpy this week. Trying to work out if it's down to less caffeine and my much loved wine (and of course food), or if in actual fact my annoyance is just quite simply justified!

I couldn't believe it this morning when I woke up to find my abs are still hurting! Let me just rewind for you. On Monday evening after work I decided to try a new workout DVD I'd bought. This was one of the 10 Minute Solutions series and aimed to 'blast' your 'belly fat'. You can do as many or as little of the 5 or 6 ten minute exercise sections. I went for four of them, one of which involved Pilates moves. Bad idea, clearly pilates=pain (well if you're unfit like me!)

I woke the next morning with slightly aching abs, but nothing too noticeable. The fact I couldn't do a lot of the moves may well have been a reason for this...

Tuesday though, Tuesday was when I dared to put on the Jillian Michaels DVD, this one is scaringly called '30 day shred'. Perhaps I should have been warned off by the title.

Anyways this one will make you laugh, each workout is just 20 mins. I know, I know you're thinking exactly how unfit am I at this point?? It works you so hard it is unreal - you don't stop and have to jump from one thing to the next in interval training. In the workout you combine cardio, strength and abs.

I finished my workout (level 1 I should add!) and felt great. I was dripping with sweat, I was shattered, but I knew I'd worked hard and it was good for me.

That is until I went to bed. Now if my neighbours don't think me and my boyfriend aren't weird enough with our fancy dress costumes (we've had to go to a lot of dress up parties), the noises when we were doing Boxercise last week and the sounds I was making being forced to hold planks for that bit longer... Well, then they got treated to a mix of me whining in pain in bed when I found I couldn't sit up as my abs were so sore, combined with me painfully laughing. (Once my boyfriend realised it even hurt when I laughed, there was no stopping trying to make me giggle).

So on Wednesday I woke up and could just about get out of bed. Sneezing and my usual 'a-choo' was followed immediately by 'ow'. I was in agony. I worked through the day and at some point managed to stop whining about my pain. Then I left to go home.

I'd already decided a calm short Wii Fit session was in order with the state I was in. However on missing my bus, I soon had some additional unexpected exercise as I decided to walk home (the bus come every 15 minutes and wasn't even showing on the display, plus it's notoriously late so goodness knows when it would have turned up).

I set off for home, a nice 20 minute walk. So much fun when you miss the bus and end up having to power walk home whilst dying for a wee, having a stomach ache and extremely painful abs!

After learning my lesson and doing Wii Fit when I eventually got in last night I felt a bit better, although cannot believe there is still a dull ache there.

You know what I'm off to do tonight then? Yes you guessed it, the Jillian Michaels workout. No pain no gain eh?

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