Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve

Well here we are again, 31st December, the end of another year.

What has 2012 held for you? For me it’s been a bit of a mixture.

It’s been a great year because my boyfriend got a job after many months out of work, I’ve done lots of fun things this year, including going on an amazing trip to Thailand to mark turning 30 and I’ve achieved lots of personal goals in terms of getting healthier, losing weight and exercising more.

On the not so good side it was a hard year for my parents after my Mum had her accident back in April time where her leg got broken and recovery is still ongoing.

I feel 2012 overall has been a year of discovery though – finding out things I like to do, trying new things and gaining/losing people from my life, all of which have been positive moves I can now see.

For now though I have 2013 to look forward to and whatever it may bring, I have a few things I’m hoping for, but who knows.

Finally after a few years we will be celebrating properly with friends tonight, although my boyfriend is working again (the cause of previous years not being quite so fun). However, he is going to rush down to meet me and our friends and hopefully be there before midnight! I need to make the most of tonight and enjoying the drinks as after 9am tomorrow I can’t drink for a whole month, since I’m doing dry January

Of course talking about a new year and New Year’s Eve, you can’t avoid the age-old topic of resolutions, new beginnings, what do you want to achieve.

Personally, I don’t like setting resolutions as such as people always pick the same things lose weight, stop smoking, drink less, take up a new hobby etc. How often do people stick at them? A few weeks? Go into any gym and the first few weeks of January are swarmed with people having a workout or trying a class, then all of a sudden it starts to empty out again.

If I had to give a list of things I’d like to try and do in 2013 or achieve I guess I would have to say:

Keep up the exercise and try and improve my running

Keep working on getting in shape and lose lots more weight

Try more new things – such as more art/culture – ballet, opera, art, new books etc

Keep up the healthy eating/drinking as feel so much better for it (starting with Dry January tomorrow!)

Try and write more, perhaps looking into doing it more than just for fun

Get a house with my boyfriend (or at least be fully saved up together to get one)
Try and see friends more, especially those who don’t live so close

Quite a lot there, perhaps I better stop before I make my 2013 too hectic!

So, all that remains for me to say is have an amazing evening tonight whatever you choose to do and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!! Here’s to a very happy and healthy 2013.

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  1. Happy New Year Mel! I don't make resolutions as I think if you're going to change your life/attitude/lifestyle you should do it straight away rather than wait for January (much like you did with your exercise). I hope you have a productive, aspirational, healthy and happy new year! :-)