Saturday, 29 December 2012

Gotta love a bargain!

Today I went to the sales, I wasn't after much for a change. I'd got loads at Christmas I wanted/needed and oddly since that wardrobe clear out a few months back I have been a lot better with what I buy.

Today though I needed to go into the shops with my Mum to return some pyjamas I'd bought her so it was off to the sales for me.

I'd dragged myself back in the gym again this morning (after yesterday's 5k), I was so achey. Then when I got out of spinning today I was even worse, my quads were in agony!

The last thing I felt in the mood for was to go join everyone and their dog in Romford traipsing round the sales.

However I'm never able to resist a bargain and we ended up spending just under four hours there. Despite me wanting to kill every other person around me for either their rude ways or stupidity (read barging into me or stopping dead in front of me).

I took a couple of pics for you to see my little bargain buys, I didn't go too overboard for once. But my prize bargain has to be the bag I nabbed - I did my usual and kept picking out items not in the sale then I saw this bag. Lo and behold it had no ticket or tag on it.

The more I looked at it the more I loved it, so when I took it to the till for them to tell me the price I was nervous it was going to be too much. (Although to be honest I was in one of those moods where I may well have bought it regardless). Still they came back to the till and me and said it was originally £69 but was down to £34.50 in the sale!

Amazing! So I of course bought it and added it to my collection - navy blazer, ring, two jumpers, a diary, a hoodie for the gym and a dress/top for New Years Eve.

Add to that my new laptop my Mum has treated me to and I am one happy bunny!

Just need to get my broadband sorted now. Although using Windows 8 is going to be a fun learning curve!

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