Monday, 10 December 2012

Week Five Begins

Hooray!! After a week of being ill (yes, yet again!) and only managing three times at the gym I was nervous about this morning's weigh in.

Coughing non stop and feeling like someone was standing on my chest I wasn't in the best state to exercise during the second half of week four.

Reluctantly I continued to rest rest rest as my boyfriend advised and not put my body through more strain by pushing too hard in the gym.

So I managed one spinning session, one 5k and then another evening's visit simply running for 20 minutes and going on the x trainer for 20 minutes. Oh and I did have a brisk 30 minutes walk on Sunday afternoon.

Granted I did eat healthily all week and didn't have any alcohol.

The result? Me stepping off the scales this morning with a big smile on my face - two pounds dropped.

So in four weeks I've managed to lose 10 pounds (or 4.5kgs) in weight! Hard work does pay off!

Now begins week five and the penultimate week of trying to get in shape before Christmas!

Week five is going to be a little tougher with three meals planned - a client lunch, a lunch with my Auntie (although the eatery does a healthier menu) and a celebratory meal with my parents (for their anniversary). All three will likely involve alcohol too.

Unfortunately I've still got my cough/cold so tonight I've taken yet another rest day. Now I need to get in that gym whenever I can and eat super healthy all the days I don't have eating out plans.

What's also spurred me on is realising I'm just three pounds away from my lowest achieved weight now.

I'd love to lose this in time for Christmas but obviously it's going to get tougher and tougher with party season upon us.

Week six already sees a client lunch, a work Christmas party, the following likely hungover day and a Christmas meal with friends. It's going to be tough to achieve weight loss that week!

For now I'm going to enjoy my success so far and look forward to celebrating that success over Christmas with lots of sweets and treats!! (Although I've already got my eye on some gym visits in between...)

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