Friday, 7 December 2012

Bookworm: Life... On A High by Nick Spalding

Wow. I started reading this book on my lunch break on Thursday and fast forward to Friday morning and I'd finished it.

Granted I'm not feeling well (again!) and so I've been resting up in bed, trying to get rid of these germs and so have been reading more than I would have.

This book was just what I needed (as well as medicine, lots of liquids and a warm cosy duvet!)

I started Mr Spalding's next offering after a recent disappointing read by another writer. I was really hoping to be entertained like last time.

This time the author is on flights to and from Australia and uses his time to tell the reader his opinions and more embarrassing and comical situations he's experienced.

I really enjoy the way Spalding writes, yes he might offend some with a few of his opinions, but I like the way he's open and honest.

The whole writing and 'talking to' the reader I must admit I find a tad cheesy at times. However the laid back style of writing makes a welcome change.

This is another book that makes you laugh and is an easy read. Pretty evident in how quickly I've read this ebook.

Good points
Honest style
Great to have a nose at other people's experiences and embarrassing moments!

Not so great
Lots of typos in this book which is a bug bear of mine
Sometimes the 'talking to' style is annoying

And...would you believe it after Tweeting about starting this book Mr Spalding finally retweeted me (how funny after yesterday's post!)

I've seen from the writer's previous Tweets that he's just finished writing the third in the Love...series which first introduced me to this author. Something tells me I'll be looking to download that on its release too...

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