Monday, 17 December 2012

An early Christmas present

Today week six of my healthy eating and exercise started.

This of course meant weigh-in day.

Last week or rather week five I managed five visits to the gym. Two lots of spinning, two 5ks and one running and x trainer mix.

It also involved two lunches out, a meal out (but eating off the diet menu), a three course home cooked meal for my parent's anniversary and some alcohol (well LOTS of alcohol on one of the days!)

Last night I went to bed feeling bloated and expecting to be disappointed this morning.

However I stepped on the scales and...I'd lost three pounds! This means a total weight loss of 13lbs in five weeks!

This also means I am now down to the lowest weight I achieved last time I managed to lose lots of weight back in 2010 and 2011.

I was so happy this morning, as sad as it may sound I felt like crying, I was so pleased with the results!

This week I've got two client lunches, my work Christmas party and a Christmas meal/party out with friends. Obviously this is going to mean lots of food and lots of booze.

I'd love to lose a pound this week to get my weight loss down to a whole stone in six weeks! However I'm not stupid, this week is going to push things and there's not much time to exercise!

If today is anything to go by I'm probably already putting the pounds back on. I've already packed my bag for spinning on Thursday to try work off some of the calories!

Today I went to Hix Mayfair. What a lovely meal! I started with Dorset snails with lardons and black pudding. Then moved on to hay-baked shoulder of lamb with new potatoes and curly kale. Lastly I indulged in the best chocolate melt in middle pudding I've ever tasted complete with homemade mint-choc ice cream.

The meal was delicious, but it's now five hours since I left the restaurant and I'm still stuffed! I even walked home from the station tonight to try and feel a bit more comfortable!

For now though I'm just going to enjoy my early Christmas present of losing so much weight and doing so well on my healthy eating and exercise. Let's just hope I feel a bit less full soon ready for tomorrow's fun and games!

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