Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Getting into THAT dress

Tuesday 18th December was the date of our work Christmas party.

This date was the second day of the sixth week of my healthy eating/exercise plan I've been following. Monday was a client Christmas lunch involving lots of food (and a smidgen of alcohol). I knew Tuesday would mean some fattening food at lunch to 'line my stomach' and lots of alcohol in the evening.

After weighing myself Monday I knew I'd achieved a pleasing total weight loss of 13lbs over five weeks though so was hoping I'd be semi happy in whatever I chose to wear for the party.

Monday night I'd come home and planned my outfit. That was when I found THE dress.

Last year I purchased a silky, strapless, short, fitted, purple dress to wear for night's out. A bargain I'd obtained in the sales I couldn't wait to wear it.

Unfortunately for me I hadn't realised quite how fitted said dress was and it didn't really fit well at all. I could maybe get it on but it was so tight it showed every bulge and left me with little room to move my legs!

I decided - somewhat apprehensively - to take the dress out of the bag I'd hidden it away in. The dress had survived my wardrobe clearout a few months back (despite not ever having been worn for over 18 months). The reason being? It had become a target outfit.

You know an item of clothing you keep to try and encourage you when losing weight. THAT dress you will work to fit into.

Well last night I did just that. I managed to fit in THAT dress, comfortably in fact. This little silky purple number saw me receive quite a few compliments too which of course all ladies love!

So yeah it might not sound much, but to me this marks another milestone and made me feel proud. I may have missed out on work awards again, but as sad as it may sound, being able to wear this dress felt like an award in itself to me!

After yet another client lunch today (this time a huge banquet of Szechuan Chinese food) whether this item of clothing will fit again in the near future is another matter...

Right now after three 'days off' I admit I can't wait to get back in that gym tomorrow and get on the spinning bike! And also to 'indulge' in a nice healthy simple dinner at home. No alcohol, no fatty food, no super huge portions.

Whoever thought I'd see the day where I was looking forward to the healthy option??

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