Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas Eve!!

So the inevitable happened. I put on weight.

Two pounds to be exact.

At first I was really upset and disappointed but after going back to sleep in a nice warm cosy bed I've come to just accept it. It's Christmas after all and it would have been pretty incredible to lose weight after consuming all that fattening food and alcohol!

The fact still remains, over a five week period I lost 13lbs which is not something to completely disregard I know.

So now I'm about to get ready to go meet friends for Christmas drinks and then head to my boyfriend's to enjoy food and fun with his family tonight. I've just had a lovely breakfast of choc au pain and eaten my last advent calendar chocolate.

It is Christmas after all!

Okay okay, so I'm not THAT relaxed, I've written off the next four days to festive food and drink. However I have drawn up a new planner for me to track my eating and exercise afterwards. It's all about the balance apparently...

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