Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In a spin

Wow. So today was an experience.

I had quite a hectic day at work - yet again. In the end I went on my lunchbreak at nearly half past two, but spent it in Costa enjoying a mocha (small and skinny of course!) and reading my Kindle.

It was so relaxing and totally helped me unwind - note to self: do this more often.

However, it was pretty busy when I got back and there was a potential client 'catastrophe' which meant I also ended up needing to stay later after work.

I was so looking forward to getting back in the gym tonight after my five day break and had put my name down for spinning.

So as time ticked on I started to feel disappointment at the fact it was pretty likely I was going to miss the class.

After eventually managing to get away - and constantly checking my work emails on my phone like a madwoman en route to the station - I rushed to get on a train.

I worked myself up into such a frenzy I arrived in the gym coughing and breathless and saw the spin teacher at reception. "Are there still bikes left??" I demanded in desperation (I'm not exaggerating this is the best way to describe my tone!)

He said yes and so I ran to the changing rooms and hurriedly rushed to get ready.

Hooray! I made it into the (ridiculously hot) spin studio towards the end of the first warm up track and tried to quickly adjust a bike in the half dark.

After quite a few jumps off to readjust things I finally got into things and participated fully in the class.

I know I'm pathetic to be this excited to have made my spinning class, but I've honestly missed the gym these last five days.

Knowing I've got lots of food and drink coming up towards the end of this week (and next) I'm also keen to get exercising to help burn some calories and keep my metabolism strong.

Now though I've had a yummy dinner, had a nice hot shower and am in my PJs watching trashy TV (Don't Tell The Bride payback program to be precise!)

Well and I've seen all my Christmas presents ordered online have arrived, so of course I've had to wrap and label those too! And the bus was due to take forever so I walked half the way home in the freezing cold! Can't be relaxing too much...

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