Tuesday, 1 January 2013

And so it begins

1st January 2013, New Years Day.

Today is the first day of the year 2013 and also the first day I begin the challenge to not drink alcohol for a month.

Thankfully I haven't had too bad a hangover today - despite yesterday consuming rose wine, cherry shots, champagne and espresso martini cocktails.

Well I did have New Years Eve to celebrate and two birthdays! Although I don't think the point of Dry January is to try and consume the whole month's worth of alcohol the night before you start!

Thankfully I didn't plan to also strictly restart my healthy eating and exercise today. I've so far consumed bacon doorstop sandwiches, two pain au chocolate, a chunk of cheese and I'm planning on have thick pork sausages, beans and mash for my dinner.

Not the most productive of days I got up late, eat a brunch and then had a bubble bath. Since then I've put some photos on Facebook and been watching TV/falling asleep on the sofa.

Although nothing beats starting a day waking up with friends and sharing stories from the night before. Last night was a really good New Years Eve - no fancy overpriced night out with a crowd of people you don't really know (or like them all), no sitting indoors bored. No last night we spent our evening with friends and people who are all down to earth and up for fun and had a mix of a house party and a local pub. I really enjoyed myself. It was relaxed and it was fun. Perfect.

I have got a tad of the blues tonight (seems to be a given as you start off in January), this is probably somewhat down to the alcohol still in my bloodstream from last night and the fact my man has had to work 2-11pm again today. The main thing is how quickly this year has gone by and the Christmas and New Year festivities itself.

As I lie here on my sofa in jogging bottoms and a vest top with no make up on, with The Wizard of Oz on the television and feeling bloated, a tad hungover and tired I don't feel too full of positive thinking and raring to go with my plans for health, fitness and weight loss.

You know what though? Last night my man made it down to the venue we were at with time to spare before the clocks chimed at midnight. He was there to hug me, kiss me and give me reassurances about this year for us and he loves me as I am no matter what. That's enough for me for today thank you very much!

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