Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Time to stop worrying and get on with it

Sitting here watching Big Brother programmes, relaxing after a busy Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend, I've started to ponder what would I say when asked for interesting facts about me?


To be honest I don't know. I blogged a long while back about all the hobbies you have when young, how they seem to drop as you age. This weekend I've really started to revisit these thoughts.

Let's be clear, I don't particularly want to be on Big Brother or compete with the sorts of people that tend to feature on the show.

I've had a lovely bank holiday Diamond Jubilee weekend, consisting of a Jubilee themed BBQ, cinema visit, shopping, lots of meals and catching up with friends and family. I've also been asked a few times about starting new hobbies or discussed abandoned plans to do more fitness and exercise.

When at work sometimes I feel other colleagues have more exciting plans than me in the evenings, they always seem to do more than me. I get teased a lot by friends and family for being out all the time and drinking too much. Now in my mind I don't think I do much.

This weekend I think I've realised the problem. I feel like I don't do much because I often do the same thing. Aside from writing this blog I don't have a hobby or interest as such that I have to enjoy in my own time. It's fine to go out drinking or enjoying new food, but that can't be all you're about.

I love to read and go on holiday, or see new films or go to music gigs. Again fine, but can they really be called real interests?

Some friends have invited me to attend Zumba classes or weekend body bootcamps. I've spoken about wanting to go out running more with my boyfriend. Then a friend mentioned horseriding and something seemed to click. I am finally actually seriously considering it. Whether it's because I've been reminded of previous interests or of being young who knows.

My boyfriend also teases me about worrying too much and being scared all the time. This weekend I've really been thinking about this too.

Are my fears stopping me from living life to the full? Is it time I man up and stop being a wuss? Is it time to stop being scared and embrace things a little more? Do I need to just get on with it? Should I take my own advice, when I used to say to my man stop talking about things and get on and do things? Forget if I'm going to be good or bad at something, am I going to look stupid, are people going to judge me. How about just trying things first?

Of late I've been a little accident prone and so now may not be the best of times to suddenly grasp this approach and change attitude! However I've already decided to get my fitness and healthy eating on track, whilst still trying to enjoy socialising and eating out. I've decided to follow my workout DVD challenge of the 30 Day Shred and do it everyday and try to stick to it. I'm on day two so far.

Who knows how I'll do and what I decide to start doing, but I'll keep you posted on here and who knows it could make for some interesting blog posts...

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  1. Honey when your ready you'll do it,You are aware and you have to put it your mind and the rest will follow,You know you have a lot of people rooting for when your ready.