Friday, 15 June 2012

Turning 30 in Thailand

I feel like a child the night before Christmas, I keep making myself feel sick I am getting so excited and I can’t stop looking at various photos and reviews. My holiday for my 30th birthday is booked!

To be honest until I get all the paperwork in the post I don’t think I’m going to fully believe it, after all the drama with the travel company we used and suspicions over their situation and the service received from our contact. Although I’ve got to give it to the guy he’s found us some lovely places to stay.

I decided quite a while back I wanted to do something different to celebrate my 30th and not follow the crowd with a party. Once you get to this age there seem to be so many issues within your various friendship groups that quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered with all the dramas and I can go out and get drunk and dance any time. No, I wanted to have memories to treasure (and perhaps also to distract me from the fact of how old I am getting!)

After talking for months about going away and wanting to ride an elephant for my 30th I am relieved it is now arranged and I can look forward and count down to it! 7 weeks and 1 day in case you wondered…

So what do I have planned? Well, after getting my east and west muddled up (don’t ask!) I realised the east side of the islands was going to be the best place to go as August is in monsoon season in Thailand. I also knew I wanted a mixture of a bit of a culture and some good old fashioned relaxation.

The result? A few nights in buzzing Bangkok where we are booked into a pretty smart hotel close to transport links and not far from places we want to visit. We plan to visit a floating market, some temples, traditional Thai buildings/museums , ride on the old canals and have a trip in a Tuk Tuk. And if my boyfriend has anything to do with it we’ll also check out a ‘ping pong’ show and some Thai boxing. Next up is a luxurious stay in a spa resort at the end of Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui for relaxing, maybe some treatments (although I feel local Thai massage people on the beach etc will be better value!) and a chance to go on an elephant ride. Finally we arrive at Salad Beach, for a cosy but slightly less pampered stay where we will just unwind, relax, sunbathe and eat dinners on the beach – and where I will actually turn 30.

I. Can’t. Wait

I’ll be going to somewhere I’ve never been –it’s going to be completely different and I’m going to be spending it with my boyfriend so if at times things might panic me I know he’ll look after me!

Of course – as per with me – I am now starting a slight panic – primarily at present regarding my weight. I have 7 weeks effectively to somehow transform into a body worthy of the beach and summer clothes. This is going to be hard work! And of course I don’t want to miss out on Summer (whenever it decides to arrive in the UK!) and be a bore and not eat or drink for the whole of July and the rest of June. I have three family birthdays during that time too.

I’m also conscious of being away from my family for my birthday, as a small family we make a big fuss of birthdays and tend to spend them together, so I feel almost mean going away for my 30th like this. However, rest assured I will make sure I celebrate with them and in turn with my friends when I return. Plus 2 days after we get back me and my boyfriend will have been together 7 years so we need to celebrate that somehow too!

For now I’ll continue to daydream of white sand, beautiful waters, hot sun, gorgeous food and lots more. Well, until I get home and then start my manic list-writing of all the things to sort – ferries, vaccinations, travel insurance, currency, packing, transport to and from the airport, getting into shape. Hm maybe I better get writing that list now…

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