Monday, 25 June 2012

Calorie counting and exercise vs fad diets

Whenever I am eating healthy and trying to get back on track with my weight I have Monday morning as my weigh in day. I like to ensure I weigh myself at around the same time each week to avoid any differences which could influence the result. I’ve also got scales which show your body fat and BMI which help let me know if I do put on weight whether it is through fat or muscle.

Today I weighed myself and was pleased to see after my good efforts this week I have been rewarded with a 2lbs weight loss!

On Saturday there were 6 weeks to go until we jet off to Thailand (so exciting!!) and so I am trying to be well behaved – diet and exercise-wise – until then. During this time I had my Dad’s birthday and I also have my boyfriend’s parent’s joint 60th birthday party. This means food and drink. I am going out for a girl’s night this weekend too which means food and lots of drink!

However, I’m hoping if I crank up my exercise I should hopefully beat away those sneaky calories and fat, before they get a chance to settle. It did seem to work this week.

I’m still 8lbs away from my lowest weight I’ve been (when I lost nearly three stone) and it’s bugging me I can’t get down to it. I’m hoping with the diet and exercise I followed last week though I can get closer to it before my break.

So what am I eating? I’m trying to keep my calories and fat intake down, but still eat things I like (well healthy things).

During the week – porridge (Oatso Simple, various flavours)
Weekends – low fat cereal either Weetabix or Raisin Wheats

During the week – homemade salad with low fat salad cream, pieces of chicken, olives and pepper or low fat tin of soup with 2 dry ryvitas

Weekend – Saturday I had my Dad’s birthday so had a huge roast dinner! Sunday I had a seafood stick salad with low fat seafood sauce

Afternoon Snacks – I try to have two different types of fruit as my snacks during the week in the afternoons (or if I run out a packet of Special K mini bites or a Weight Watchers mini chocolate swiss roll bar)

Evening Snacks – I have either a Shapers low fat chocolate dessert pot or a bowl of dry branflakes and a mug of Cadbury’s Highlights low fat hot chocolate (if I’ve got calories spare and I’m hungry I’ll have both!)

During the week – a choice of either fish, veg or salad and some form of carbs, or chicken with veg or salad and some form of carbs

Of course I strayed slightly last week as on Thursday I had Nando’s after spinning (although again I had water to drink, half a chicken medium spicy, spicy rice and corn on the cob). Then for my Dad’s birthday I ate a starter, a huge roast dinner and a big slab of gorgeous carrot cake (clearly not low fat!).

However in that week I did my workout DVD numerous times (high intensity cardio/weights), horse riding and spinning. Clearly in this instance my exercise helped burn off all those calories on the days I did stray. Fingers crossed that will work for this weekend…

I’ve started thinking about my diet today after conversations with friends who are either also entering into healthy eating, or running with a diet plan. The latter is what has grabbed my attention – fad diets.

We all know and have been told these fad diet plans are not good for you – but they are so tempting. When you are sticking to a healthy diet and exercising your butt off and see no weight loss, then your friend who is drinking shakes drops a ton of weight, it does make you wonder. I admit I was starting to think this yesterday (before weigh in) and wondering how bad can these fad diets be? Surely if I wanted to follow it just to get slim for a holiday it wouldn’t be so bad?

Or do you get addicted? Do they just mess up your metabolism. Sure, you lose fat, but your fitness won’t improve.

I’ll be honest, I’m torn. I know reading this my boyfriend – former personal trainer – will go mental at the fact I would even dare consider such an option as he’s drilled into me how bad these plans are. If I hadn’t lost weight today I do wonder if I’d have started to look down the quick fix route instead.

For now I am going to try and stick to the self-made plan I’ve been following and try to get fit as well as lose weight ready for my holiday. However, if those around me start to see amazing results, I really can’t promise right now I won’t get swayed…

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