Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bookworm: Fifty Shades Freed by E.L.James

Well, that's it then. The three books of the Fifty Shades trilogy is finished.


Over the last two weeks I have downloaded and read all three books in this raunchy series. The fiction termed as soft porn, Mummy porn and referred to as the modem day, grown up equivalent of Judy Bloom's Forever.

These books have sparked a whole host of debates and led to shops not being able to meet demand quick enough. Female commuters have had more enjoyable journeys to and from work and if we're to believe rumours men have gained a few tips too.

Fifty Shades Freed is the final book. I found the first book appealed giving something different because of the escapism it offered and a bit of filth (well who doesn't have a naughty side?) The second, Fifty Shades Darker, gave more of a storyline and a darker side to tell and focussed on Christian's history.

Now with the third, we're treated to storyline, darkness and a bit of smut. An ideal mix? Hm, to be honest 'too much of a good thing' does spring to mind when you read this last one.

Again I know we're not critiquing a piece of historical and award winning literature here, the likes of which Ms Steele refers to as the sorts of books she likes to read. However I found I started to get a bit bored - a lot of things happening were pretty far fetched and in fact quite a few times I found myself going off Mr Grey, rather than lusting after him.

The same sorts of phrases were used and started to get a tad tiresome. I began to wonder what else was going to happen and was the writer simply getting greedy in producing a third book.

However there are a few twists and turns and despite all my negative thoughts, I was still hooked and couldn't stop myself reading.

Good bits
Just as addictive
Some twists to keep you guessing
A few new raunchy bits

Not so great
Repetitive writing, terminology and phrases
Pretty far fetched
The ending was a bit non
Found myself turning against the lead Mr Grey which I don't think is the point here

Overall I've really enjoyed the series and am glad I indulged. Rating this book on its own merit however I'm not sure I'm such a big fan.

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