Sunday, 24 June 2012

Riding: week three

It seems that spinning for me hurts the evening after not straightaway. There was me telling people I wasn't too sore from my first experience and then Friday afternoon and evening came and my calves were so so tight, my arms were so sore! I made myself do my workout DVD on Saturday, but I was so stiff after.

Last night as I went to bed, knowing I had riding this morning, I was feeling pretty nervous. My muscles were still aching, I knew my boyfriend wasn't coming to watch and I could hear the weather was awful.

When I awoke, I was achey and really sleepy and the sky was so dark and the weather so windy. I wasn't exactly in the mood for riding to be honest.

My friend picked me up and off we went. I was told I had Guy (the same horse I had in my first week) and that brought a smile to my face. He's old and can be a tad slow, but he's lovely! I was even more glad I didn't have the same horse as last week too - Harley - when I saw him kicking his stable door loudly!

I've been building up the whole getting on and off the horse and have worried this was starting to have a negative impact on my enjoyment of this hobby as a result. Therefore I made my mind up to stop being a wuss and try and get on quick.

Walking quickly up the mounting block I grabbed the reins, held onto the front of the saddle with both hands as directed and made myself get on quickly and with force. I got on quickly. Yes I was worried, but I got on okay and stayed on the saddle, just!

Today we were in a quarter of the outside sand arena. The rain held off and after worrying about getting wet or cold, I soon found instead I was getting hot and sweaty from the exercise.

We did a mix of walking, changing rein by crossing diagonal, we did quite a bit of trotting and we even did some jump prep by trotting and walking across the course and over a pole (on the floor).

Guy sometimes takes a while to get going, but he soon got faster and mostly did as he was told! I felt much more in control again today and was pleased when the instructor told me I'm doing well in our post-class feedback.

A lovely fellow rider helped hold Guy as I dismounted (and assisted me in getting him further into the yard as he just stopped dead in the entrance and wouldn't move!) Again I forced myself to get on with it and I got off quickly, even if I was a bit nervous.

I helped put Guy back in his stable and left the stables smiling!

As usual I felt full of energy when I got home from riding and got onto doing my workout DVD. (No doubt as usual I'll be aching as a result tomorrow too!)

I then thought as I have the flat to myself I'd relax, so I ran a nice hot bubble bath whilst it pelted down with rain outside. (Where is our summer??)

Just as I eased myself in though a loud buzzing caught my attention and I discovered a big bee caught in the bathroom windows and struggling to get out.

I hate bees (and wasps for that matter). I literally leapt out the bath and then stood for about fifteen minutes waiting for the bee to get out whilst I shivered and covered the floor in bubblebath suds! Not the best start to a relaxing bathtime.

Eventually I managed to get in the bath (and discovered the bruise on my inside knee has got much bigger and purple, lovely!) I did eventually manage to lie back and relax though.

And the energy kept on coming, I started cleaning my flat and doing household chores I've been meaning to do!

Now though the tiredness has crept in so I'm going to just take it easy and relax on the sofa. I'm hoping my hard work this week pays off and I see some good results in the morning when I weigh myself, only 6 weeks now 'til I hit that beach in Thailand...

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