Monday, 11 June 2012

3D - dull, dear and dire

This weekend I saw two pretty hyped films – Prometheus and Snow White & the Huntsman. One was watched through two pairs of glasses, the other through one. No I wasn’t dressed in fancy dress or going mad, I saw Prometheus in 3D (so with 3D specs on top of my own) and Snow White was watched in simple original format.

Over the years I’ve seen a variety of various 3D films – the first being a Michael Jackson video/short film at Epcot in America when I was about 7 in fact. More recently I’ve watched a few 3D films at home – Shrek and Final Destination, which isn’t really all that impressive when watched on a tiny TV like mine. The others include Saw and Toy Story. Of them all I would say I liked Toy Story the best to be honest. Overall – I think 3D is a waste of time.

Whenever I go to see a 3D film I spend the first few minutes adjusting to the screen and trying not to get a headache, then I sit there looking out for the 3D parts and propping the glasses up on my nose. By the end of the film I’m left wondering why so little was in 3D and why I paid so much for the privilege.

Granted, I have not seen a 3D film at the IMAX and maybe this is where I’m missing out and I don’t realise the true potential of this technology.

To me though 3D is just a waste of time, it just distracts you from the film itself and takes away from the storyline. On viewing both films this weekend I didn’t regret seeing Snow White without 3D since it was a good film in its own right. Prometheus on the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised with as it’s not really my type of film but I thought it was quite good (not as good as critics have suggested though!) The 3D in it? Not a lot and it didn’t add to my enjoyment – in fact the most 3D used seemed to be in the opening credits…

So what is our fascination nowadays with 3D? Why are they bringing out more films with this feature on it? The cinema in my mind is expensive enough for a basic ticket, let alone if you add on the 3D side of things and those ‘uber-attractive’ free plastic glasses.

Whilst viewing the trailers this weekend I also noted Katy Perry has a film coming out – in 3D of course? When I saw a film, it looks more like a documentary of her life and backstage at her concerts. Why? Who wants to see that apart from possibly pervy teenage boys?

As for 3D TVs, yes I know nowadays people have massive screens in their homes, but it’s never going to be as big as a cinema screen so how can you make the most of it. Distracted by all your bits and bobs in your lounge do you really get enjoyment and a sense of ‘being there’ when watching 3D telly in from the comfort of your armchair?

My view is pretty clear to see – 3D is a waste of time and if they want to make cinema more exciting they need to go back to the drawing board. Let’s leave 3D to those paper glasses with a red and blue lens in them you get free in cereal packets and leave it to the kids to enjoy. Don’t spoil my cinema experience by tacking it on to every big production coming out.

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