Friday, 8 June 2012

My first early morning workout!

Last night I jumping jacked, squatted, bicycle crunched and dripped with sweat for just over 20 minutes. Around 12 hours later I found myself doing it again.

Yes I'm back on my workout DVD and this time I'm trying to follow it strictly - i.e. do the '30 Day Shred' for thirty days straight. Today was day five.

Yesterday I found my legs ached, my arms ached and my bum ached - causing me to fidget in my chair all day at work to get comfortable! I then went home and forced myself to follow Jillian Michaels' shouting words of fitness wisdom (or so I hope). By the time I finished my calves were so tight they felt ready to burst.

Knowing I'm meant to be meeting an old work friend tonight I realised to fit the workout in today it'd need to be done in the morning. Something my boyfriend suggested a while back when I was considering this 30 days of hell.

Now I love my sleep and I get up at the last possible minute and eat breakfast at work to ensure the most amount of time possible in my cosy bed. The idea of getting up earlier and then jumping around and lifting weights does not appeal.

Last night as I went to bed I was hobbling my calves hurt so much. I was hoping they'd heal by this morning but I wasn't too optimistic. However my alarm went off a whole half hour early and I did it. I made myself get up out of bed and put my gym gear on.

I won't lie as the DVD started I started to wonder was I being a little silly as I still ached from yesterday and it was only around 12 hours ago I'd been in this exact position doing the same thing. But I looked out the window at how light it was, albeit raining and windy and felt pleased with myself for actually giving it a go.

The result?

Well I'm sat on the train into work trying to hide the loud gurgling noises my tummy is currently making. Hm maybe making time for breakfast too might've been a good idea before leaving the flat. Although getting up even earlier I'm really not sure I can commit too.

Still although my abs, arms, legs, bum, calves, thighs and back all ache like mad I do overall feel better for it. I feel wide awake and more alert than usual and I am proud of myself for doing it.

So 5 days down, 25 to go. You're meant to progress through the levels as you feel ready (I'm still on 1 out of 3 levels so far). By my estimates I could do each level for 10 days, although the thought of going up a level right now frightens me somewhat.

I've got a pretty busy day at work ahead now, so let's hope I make it through without falling asleep or collapsing and can enjoy my well deserved evening tonight.

As the weekend approaches I've got other concerns too. Will this aching stop in time for Sunday? Will I make it and survive without any injuries or embarrassment?....Oh sorry didn't I mention? I'm thinking about going back to horseriding again at our local stables.

I'm starting to wonder - am I committed to the cause or do I just need to be committed??

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