Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Food, glorious food

I love trying new food and it’s one of the great things I enjoy about going on holiday – sampling new cuisine and discovering new tastes and textures I enjoy. So, I thought I’d do a bit of Google-hunting to see what Thailand has to offer. Oh my…

Well, it appears I could tickle my tastebuds with a whole host of new flavours. How about prawns – lovely – still alive?? Er no thanks. Or a nice healthy salad accompanied by some pork – yum – the meat is raw though?? Um, pass. Want to try a barbecued meat dish served over steamed rice – tempted – this meat though is typically field rat?? No way on earth!

Check out some more culinary delights here:

It seems insects are pretty popular…Still I shouldn’t be too shocked, I did see a man eating an un-hatched egg (complete with bird embryo) on a recent holiday programme in Thailand.

I think I’ll stick to the more standard pad thai, red or green curries, mango sticky rice (dessert), fresh spring rolls and panang curry.

Thinking of foods I do like and have discovered (this is making me hungry now!) here’s a selection of some I recommend:

Saganaki with honey tried in Skiathos (a twist on the Greek fried cheese dish – this one was cooked in filo pastry and generously drizzled with honey).

Konditor & Cook frosted carrot cake – the icing is to die for.

Posh eggs and bacon tried in a local gastro pub near where I live – duck egg, bacon ‘foam’, crispy pancetta and brioche soldiers.

Black pudding bonbon – side dish served at the same pub

Roasted salmon on penne pasta in a lobster cream – from a local eaterie

Afternoon tea – scones, jam and clotted cream – the best I’ve had was at Cheddar Gorge

Rump or fillet steak at Miller & Carter near where I live, or steak in a Roquefort sauce in France

Lamb Kleftiko – the best I’ve ever tried was on a cobbled street in Zakynthos many years ago (before it became an 18-30 holiday spot!)

Selection of seafood – scallops, crab, prawns, cockles etc at the Company Shed in Mersea

Devils food cupcakes (peanut butter frosting, dark chocolate cupcake, Reece’s peanut butter cup on top) from Angel Food Bakery in Brighton – THE best cupcakes

Pan fried fish with black squid ink risotto – from an Italian/seafood restaurant in Brighton

Hate to admit it but Dominos Texas BBQ pizza gets me every time!

A huge mouthful of meaty goodness – Kiwi Burger from GBK (massive beef burger, fried egg, beetroot, cheese…)

Pear pancake with chocolate sauce and ice cream from My Old Dutch pancake house (and if you can manage one of their chocolate milkshakes – amazing!)

Okay okay I need to stop now as I am getting far too hungry thinking about this. Maybe I’ll follow up in another blog as this is not helping me in my bid to stick to healthy eating. If anyone has been to Thailand and can recommend some different dishes to try (which aren’t going to make me want to be ill) please get in touch and comment below!

Or alternatively any dishes you can recommend trying, perhaps I can try them out when my healthy eating plan is complete and successful!

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  1. I def recommend the pad Thai curry dish. , it's a 10 out of 10 in my eyes