Thursday, 28 June 2012

One habit to another

Last night I watched a program on BBC3 (my favourite channel for trashy TV) about people and drugs. This wasn't about heroin addicts or Class A users, it referred to people who liked legal highs and even those on diet pills or sexual medication they can't stop taking. It was pretty interesting.

As you can guess it focussed really on addiction.

Today I went to spinning, this was only my second class and this time I went it alone, since my man is working.

Since braving horse riding and spinning - two things I've shied away from for a long time - I have started to wonder what else I could try.

I've found myself continuously returning to my gym's class timetable, looking up all the options of things I might like and the timings.

My boyfriend actually said to me today "One word. Addiction."

Have I gone from the habit of sitting in, pigging out and letting my diet slip to instead obsessing over what I eat and how to burn off that fat and any excess calories? Simply shifting from one habit to another?

Of course if this is the case I don't mind too much since the path I'm on is now a healthier one.

I do wonder if this is why I don't stay committed to healthy eating and exercise for a considerable amount of time though. I get obsessive over it and push it too far.

Today I realised the way my boyfriend's shifts work he will be off Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. What did I do? Look up what classes we could go to together when I finish work on Monday and Tuesday next week that's what.

I'm going for a girl's night out Saturday, which I'm really looking forward to - I love a good goss and a boogie! However because it's going to involve alcohol I told the stables last week I won't be riding this Sunday.

The result? I can't stop thinking about the fact I'm not going to get to go horse riding. I've been torn between considering phoning up and going riding still on Sunday, to looking if there are any classes we can go to in the morning instead.

I've also tried to be realistic that I may be hungover (although I am going to really try not to get carried away and drink too much), so am also toying with the idea of an afternoon run instead.

Really it'll all depend on how achey I am post-spinning after tonight's class.

I've done my workout DVD Monday and Tuesday this week. I had a rest day on Wednesday and of course spinning tonight. I've not decided what exercise I'm going to do tomorrow (there aren't any classes though the time I finish work). Saturday I hope to go spinning with my man (with a different instructor unfortunately) and then we shall see what happens Sunday.

As for next week, I've already lined up Body Combat for Monday night - since my boyfriend said he'd like to try this and isn't too sure about testing out Zumba just yet.

After learning my friend at work has already lost three pounds in just two days on her 'fad' diet though I'm really hoping for good results on Monday' weigh-in. I feel I've really put the effort in. We shall see

Still one thing's for sure I'll definitely be making sure I have a good jump around to my DVD as much as possible, after getting this ridiculous note from the neighbours in the flat below...

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