Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bookworm: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

I felt a bit queasy on my way home tonight (think I got a bit overexcited re my impending Thailand holiday booking!) so decided to have some dinner before doing my workout DVD.

Of course then I started to read my latest ebook on my Kindle and I got so caught up in it before I knew it I'd finished the story!

Those fitness followers out there don't worry I have now also completed my DVD and day nine of the 30 Day Shred so I can tick that off my to-do list for today too.

Anyways back to the matter in hand - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - I saw the American version of the film first. This is a different approach for me as typically I find I see a film after I've enjoyed the book. However in this instance I hadn't touched the much talked about Millennium series before.

I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the film, even though it was pretty dark at times and there are some pretty disturbing scenes. People told me the book was much worse, but that I should read it as the book was better than the film easily.

So I decided to give the book a go and I was pleased I did.

Good bits
Very addictive, you don't want to put it down
Good characters
Good twists

Not so great
The book does seem a little long, by the end I was wondering how much more was left to go
Perhaps a few too many characters, at times I was a tad confused with the ins and outs of the Vanger family

Overall I felt this was a strong book and a good story and I'll be keen to read the other books in the series.

Next up to decide whether to read about fiction in Greece or Pakistan...

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