Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bookworm: No Turning Back by Susan Lewis

This book is the last in a big pile of books my Mum had given to me to borrow and I'm sorry to say like a few of this selection I wasn't particularly a fan.

I found No Turning Back quite hard to get into when I began reading and kept wondering when something big was going to happen.

Lewis' style of writing didn't make for enjoyable reading since she uses incredibly long sentences which seem to go on forever. As a result I found i was regularly going back to reread sections I'd just read to understand what she was saying.

Furthermore I felt the style of the author was rather childish and her outlook on the story/situations seemed the same.

On reading the blurb on the book I did expect this to be a relatively sad story and about serious situations. However any more dramatic events seemed to be brushed over and given a fairytale naivety almost.

It felt as I read on that everything needed to be sugar-coated and the writer wanted to create a happy ending to the situations, as with the final end of the book itself.

At times the endless descriptions of people's appearance, clothes and material goods gave the book a feel of a piece of 'chick lit'. However on picking the book to read I felt under the impression I was about to read a more serious piece, not something so carefree.

Good points
Not exactly tough on the brain, the story is a good route of escapism and doesn't need to be taken too seriously
Overall it has a feel-good nature to it

Not so great
Predictable storylines
Happy-ever-after endings
Poor writing, frustrating writing style

Overall then as you can probably tell I wasn't this book's biggest fan. If you want something not too serious or taxing this could be okay for you, although I felt this is a carefree story trying to cover serious life events.

Coming up... I've added to my reading pile The Good Muslim, A Golden Age, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Thread...

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