Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fitness fun

This week I've exercised for six out of the seven days, being active for a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes.

I've done my workout DVD three times, spinning twice and swimming once.

Although I'm relaxing on my sofa right now, finding it hard to keep my eyes open, I can definitely feel a difference in my fitness levels.

I felt sad about not going to horse riding this Sunday, but I have to say that swimming instead was a refreshing change.

Another surprise this weekend was yesterday's spinning class. My third one so far. I have to say I'm getting pretty addicted to it now, it is really hard work but I love it. I'm hoping to try and do it twice a week from now on.

The reason yesterday was a tad of a shock was the class turned out to be for an hour, rather than 45 minutes. 15 minutes might not sound much, but believe me when you're gradually melting away into a pool of sweat it is.

Also being on a different day the class was led by a different instructor. This woman is like the Energizer bunny! She just doesn't seem to run out of energy and I've never seen someone pedal so fast (or stretch so far!)

On a Thursday our teacher turns the lights off and we do a warm up and pedal away to bassy fast paced tracks. I thought I worked hard then. I knew nothing!

Saturday's class was insane. We cycled to a whole host of tracks, popular chart and club hits, which made you want to move even faster. The lights were off, but not completely, so instead the lights moved in time to the beats of the music.

There was no warm up. It was so loud in there that when we came out I felt like when you come out of a club after a night out and your ears are ringing for ages after.

We had higher resistance, we moved faster and I have never sweat so much in my life. It was great!

The hope now is to try doing the more structured spin on Thursday nights (which incorporates moves which help tone your arms and abs too). Then on a Saturday morning go along to pedal like a maniac and feel like I'm going clubbing at 1030 in the morning!

I'm also known as someone who likes a good drink and when I eat out I love my food and tend to go for the fattier options in the main. Now last night I went out with my friends for a girl's night out and don't get me wrong I was far from a saint, but I could sense a change in myself.

I had wine with my meal and yes we went out drinking and dancing after, but I definitely consumed less than normal. It was so nice to wake up hangover-free today and be able to head out mid morning to go swimming without feeling nauseous.

Now to plan what to try out this week...

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