Friday, 3 February 2012

Balancing Act

Here we are, week five into my plan to get fit and trim...Funnily enough a friend told me of a study they'd seen a week or two ago which stated females trying to lose weight and who write about it are more successful in their weight loss. I was so pleased as I was doing both.

Yet over this week that has changed. I've not written this blog and my route on the path to fitness has gone a little skew-whiff.

This week, so far we are in day number five. Out of those five days I have exercised one day. I have kept to my healthy eating on three days. For this week in total I will only be keeping to my healthy eating for three days out of seven and am expecting exercise to be two days out of seven. Not quite the same reports I've been listing previously.

I was also proud of the fact I had only consumed one glass of wine since I began my plan. That figure now stands at, well I can't really count an exact amount, but let's say definitely in double figures after this week.

I'll admit today I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself as I'm hungover - something I wasn't expecting until Sunday morning after my planned girl's night out. However I am a mix of emotions about this 'falling off' the fitness wagon. Part of me is disappointed in myself and annoyed I will have prolonged my weight loss journey. I can't even bear to think of the fact the scales will likely show a gain on Monday morning...

On the other hand I feel good, yes this week I've eaten the likes of chicken katsu curry, a chocolate cupcake and McDonalds (and consumed goodness knows how much alcohol in the form of wine and champagne). BUT I have also this week caught up with an old friend, enjoyed myself, laughed so much, had great fun with friends and colleagues at work and helped people celebrate special occasions.

This week I've said goodbye to a work colleague, celebrated a friend's birthday, laughed in hysterics with a friend, got closer with work friends, met a new life in the world, seen a family member (well my boyfriend's family) who hasn't been in the UK for over 30 years and is from Canada, discovered a new version of one of my favourite dishes and made some new plans to look forward to. In short I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I AM absolutely shattered from going to bed gone 1am for three days in a row this week and I know I'm going to consume far too many calories this weekend - but I'm going to enjoy dancing and laughing them off with two very close friends.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've realised I need to be mindful of keeping a balance. Yes I want to lose weight and be happy in my body, I want to improve my fitness and future health. Moreover I also want to live my life, enjoy myself, discover new things and act my age (or arguably a lot younger!!)

It really is all about balance - in what types of food you eat, in how you approach fitness, in the way you manage your weight and in combining work and play.

Now when I weigh myself on Monday it could be a whole new more negative opinion from me and making sure I don't tilt the balance in the favour of fun will be hard. Overall though I feel I HAVE achieved this week as I've learnt a valuable lesson and the idea of balance finally seems to be sinking in...

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